Y husband had this fantasy from the time we started dating. He used to talk dirty to me in the bed and tell me how he wanted to watch me get "serviced" by another guy. At first it p***** me off because I thought he didn't want me, then I thought it was just his way of making things interesting in the bedroom. He told me for the longest time he wanted that fantasy over any others, but I just blew it off as dirty talk. Then one summer we went in vacation to Montana. We rented this remote little cabin only it wasn't so remote. There were a dozen other cabins all in the same area. Most of them were far enough away to not matter, but our cabin was pretty close to another one. The hot tub was on the back deck and one night my husband wanted to fool around while in it. I kept telling him no in case the neighbor had renters. He convinced me it hadn't been rented because of no lights on. So I took off my bikini top and bottoms and started riding him. I no more then f****** slid down on him when a couple came out next door. They immediately noticed us but weren't apologetic. Instead they asked if we minded them doing the same. I tried to cover up with my hands even though I'm sure they couldn't really see. My husband told them to go for it and next thing I knew they were f****** and I was still riding my husband. Several minutes in the guy yells over and ask if we want to swap. My husband looks at me and with a sad puppy dog look asks me it I want to? Then says this has always been his fantasy. So I say yes and my husband tells them to join us in our hot tub. After some idol chitchat this other woman got on top of my husband and slid down on him. Not to be outdone I jump on top this other guy and slide down on him. We ended up changing positions several time, from us women on top, to bent over, and finally missionary were we finished. Afterwards my husband was so h**** and hot that we f***** 3 more times that night after we went back inside. My husband's d*** was harder than I had ever seen and the s** was great. Since then we have joined a swinger club and have a foursome once a month. Each time my husband f**** me afterwards like he's a wild animal. It's the best s**. And as a bonus I get to f*** other guys without my husband getting mad. Granted he gets to f*** other women, but hey, like they say, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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  • What a lucky husband

  • Glad he’s sharing you. Soon you’ll find the right guy to make you c** hard and keep you wanting it that way

  • Nice, how can we get in on this?

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