my best friend.

i had this best friend who i'd been in love with for 6 years. he finally confessed that he liked me. he came over one night and the first thing he said was "i was lying when i said i liked you." i then said "o, well i like you." he replied, "i was lying, i dont like you." i was almost in tears. he pulled me close and held on to me. then he said. "i love you." he kissed me, and it acctually took my breath away. it was like a scene from a movie. "marry me" he said. i accepted. and we're getting married in june!! i've never been so happy!

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  • Sounds like bs. . .definitlely not from a movie scene though! He will probably take ti back in May!

  • haha veryy nice. its like tooo perfect but have a good life together.

  • I hope you two have the best lives ever. I'm thrilled for you.

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