He thought I was Gay

I loved my best friend In high school. He would always flirt & try to turn me on. I played along but always said I was a lesbian, I was just affraid that he only did it for fun. It's been 2 yrs since graduation, When I finally talked to him I was going to confess I liked him, He said he was getting married & invited me. He told me how much he wanted his bestest friend to come, I promised I would. I sat in my car on his wedding day.I couldnt bring myself to watch him marry another girl. I still wonder if I should tell him I liked him all those years.

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  • I may be 12 but I recently had my heart ripped out... by Mikey Fusco... he took my dream girl and left me alone in depression... ive liked her since kindergarten and i would tell u it all but it takes to long and its too sad... plus my friend Chase Nemier died 2 years ago. :'(

  • Ok this is how i would play this one.

    Call him up and ask if you could meet for coffee or something. when you meet up tell him that you wish him all the best with the wedding but that you cant go. This is the time you tell him about your feelings. Tell him everything but finish with the sentence. "So you see, this is why i cant go."

    Your better off telling him before he gets married than after, this give him the chance to think it over, to take in what you have said, to think over any feelings he might have for you and what sort of a future you to have after the wedding.(if it goes ahead)

    Ps that doesnt mean that he will choose you so you have to get used to the fact that he might not be there after the wedding.

    Good Luck!

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