Friends wife

I slept with my fiends wife. She was so hot. Best piece of ass. Stupid of this guy to leave her. Turns out she always wanted to f*** me too. She was f****** guys on the side to begin with. I called her up when I found out she was single. She didn't hesitate to let me come over. I always wanted to taste her p**** and it was worth the wait. It tasted so good. It made it even better when she told me he f***** my ex wife. I went down on her for at bout 5 mins. She gave me head, and some really good head. And I compare, she comes out at the top. I f***** her to and came in her. Her p**** was very tight even after having kids.

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  • 5 minutes,thats it?

  • He is a off spring of the original minute man.

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