It didn't happen but I wanted it to

Ever since I was 10 I wanted my dad to f*** me. I would dream about him coming into my room and everything to me. I would always tease him by walking around in my panties and the thinnest tshirt I had. It really let my nipples show through. On nights when my mom would be gone I would have a "spot" on my back or a sore neck from my dad to look at and I would always take my top off in front of him, but nothing. One night when I was 16 I came home from Halloween and I knew my dad was still awake. I came in and immediately started to take my costume off and he walked in, I stood in front of my dad and took my top off and let him see what my b**** had grown into. He just stepped outside the door and talked to me about my night. I got completely naked and asked him way he stepped out and he said because I'm your dad. He pocked his head around the corner and I could tell his eyes looked at my p****, then my b**** and them he went back around the corner and said I need to put clothes on. I tired for YEARS to get my dad to do anything to me, I wanted to be his s** toy! When I came home from my first spring break from college I picked up where I left off, wearing almost no clothes, teasing him. My mom figured I was just a playful girl that was comfortable with my body, she never knew I've been dreaming of my dad s******* my little body, now my adult body. I would still dream about 10 year getting all my holes violated by the c*** that made me. Finally on my second to last night before going back to college my mom went out. I walked into the livingroom and saw my dad watching a movie and there was a topless scene. I stood behind him and noticed he was getting a b****. I stepped in front of the tv and asked why he liked her b**** and not mine and took my top off. I stood in front of my dad with my 19 year old 34 b b**** out, and my nipples got hard within seconds. My dad looked away and said baby your my daughter I can't think of you that way. But I was tired of waiting I stormed up to him grabbed his b**** from the tv girl and said "but I want you to". He froze as I felt his d*** pulse in my hand and I started to play with it. After a couples of pulls he said no I can't and he went to stand up but I pushed him back down and pretty much jumped on his lap. I shoved my younger down his throat and noticed he didn't fight it. I told him that I've been dreaming of him f****** me since I was 10 and I wanted him still. I was grinding my p**** on his b****, he didn't say anything and he tired not to look at me but I didn't stop. I was begging him to and he didn't say a word, but I felt his hands grab my hips and I almost screamed with excitement. I dropped to my knees and unzipped his shorts and he closed his eyes, and finally there it was. I took his 7 inch deep into my mouth and he let out a load moan. I was finally sucking the d*** that made me, while fingering myself. I sucked him for a good 5-10 minutes before I looked up and saw he was actually watching. I stood up and dropped my pants to show him my bare p****. I asked if he wanted to... And before I could finish he lunged fronted and buried his face in my crotch. I almost fell over and I watch my dad lick my p****. I didn't care how load I was I was moan and saying yes daddy. I wanted more I pushed his head down away from my wet p**** and he fought me " yes he want it " I thought I got away and laid down on the rug and opened my legs. My dad was a little hesitant but he crawled on top of me and I pushed myself down onto his d***. My dad finally was f****** me, I could feel him sliding in and out. I told hi, harder and omg did he, he was ducking me with all the builds up sexual anger he has had since I first started this seduction at 10 years old. I was in heaven and he was moaning, my body was moving on its own pushing back hard again him with every thrust. I looked him in the eye and said "c** in me daddy please fill me" he said he couldn't but I kissed him and shoved my tongue in his mouth. I wrapped my legs around him so he couldn't pull out. He said no he couldn't and he started to slow down but I used my legs to get him to keep going. Finally he said " let go please I can't hold it" and I forcefully shocked myself down once last time and held him tight and finally I felt it, I felt him shooting c** inside me, my dad was pumping c** into my p****. After I thought he stopped I let him go but when his d*** slide out of me he shot one last stream of c** onto my stomach. He watched as I put my finger in his c** and then took it in my mouth. I rolled over and took his d*** in my mouth and we looked into each others eyes as I sucked his d*** teasing his c** and my p**** juice. When I stopped he pointed at the wood floor and said "you missed some" I looked down And saw where his c** had pored out of me. I bent down and licked it off the floor. We held each other on the floor and talked about how he knew I wanted him to f*** me for years and how I was leaving my door open

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  • Me again, starting a new line.
    So, over 6 months and only 2 encounters?
    Are you looking for a relationship or are you content being your dads occasional side chick?

  • I know that I can't date my father and I'm currently looking for a special person in my life. I'd love to be with him more often but I'm not forcing him like I did the first time. Plus I'm still in college and living on campus.

    I'm also afraid what would happen if my mom finds out I don't want him to get in trouble or for his friends and neighbors to know we've had s**

  • So, are you into older guys? Is there something about him specifically that you like, or is it the taboo of the relationship, or what do you think is the core of your attraction?
    Have you mentioned anything to your friends?
    Also, what at you studying?

  • I'm not into older men oddly enough and I think it's the fact that I always wanted him and I finally got to. My friends know nothing and I'm not about to tell them (that's why I posted anonymously) and I'm studying to be a architect

  • What does he think of things? This kind of stuff can really mess with a guy. Do you think he's a good dad? Do you live far from home? Would you say this is more about the s** or the relationship? - that is, if you could only have one with him, which would you prefer?

  • I know that it can't go on forever but I think we're both looking at each other in a different light. I think he's a great dad and not just now but always. He always put me and my mom head of himself. If it comes down to a relationship or a father I'm going to keep my father. I live about an hour and a half from home while I'm at college.

  • What makes him a great father, specifically? And lover? Do you look more like him or your mom? How are you so good at s** if he's only your second conquest? Planning wanting special for your/his birthday?

  • He's always been there when I needed him, very understanding, always made time for me growing up and supported/ believed in me when other people didn't. I think I look more like my mother but only my eyes. Guess I'm a natural at s** lol, but I've also watched a lot of p***. And I've got nothing planned

  • Suppose that makes sense. What got you started watching p***? Not exactly a normal activity for young women.

    If it's mostly your eyes that look like your mom, who does the rest of you take after?

  • I look more like my grandmother on my mothers side. A picture of her that was taken at my current age looks identical to me. And my parents never put internet blocks on the computer and I found it one day

  • This post is getting harder to find.
    I hope this is a catfish writing this for kicks.
    If not, luv, fun as it is, this isn't healthy. It's gonna come back around on you sooner or later.
    Wish you the best. And keep us updated in any new encounters

  • I will :)

  • I f***** my cousins guts out and came all in that p****

  • So where does this story deviate from what actually happened?

  • Besides the typing errors from my bad autocorrect that's what happened. And I have had s** with him again since then

  • Then why the title?
    What was the next time like?
    This is written very well.

  • It didn't happen when I was young.

    The second time was fun. My mom was out for girls night with some of the girls from her office. We were in the living room and I sat next to my dad and he out his arm around me. We talked about dinner and decided to go out to. We had a nice sit down dinner and it was almost like a date. On the way home I asked if he was ok with what happened and he said he didn't know how to feel. We pull into the garage and when the door closed I kissed his cheek goodnight...then his neck. Before to long I was sucking my dad's d*** in his truck while he played with my hair and ass. I pulled down my pants and bend over with my waist rest on the doors window. My dad start to f*** me from behind while watching our reflection my mom cars windshield (she road with a friend).

    I let my b****** out of my shirt and could feel the cold metal if the door against my skin. I heard him start to breath heavy and I said "c** in me" He asked who was I talking to. I said "dad....daddy please c** in me" He start slamming his d*** into much harder and faster. It felt really good and I started to c**, I didn't try to hold it back I was all but screaming in pleasure when he finally exploded inside me.

    As we were catching our breath I pulled my panties up and while he was watching i rub my p**** through them and said it's all still in me. We kissed deeply and went inside. We watch a movie on the couch until my mom came home and I still had my dad's c** inside me. It was a HUGH turn on knowing that my mom and I were talking when I had her husband, my father's seed inside me

  • Me again. So how old were you your first time? And with who? Maybe details? What caused this desire so young?

  • I don't remember the cause, I just knew at a young age that I wanted my dad to have me. I also remember sitting on the couch eating Cheerios watching S***** Doo and thinking when Daphne needs to be tied to the wall naked.

    My first time with anyone was when I was 16 and staying with a friend while my parents were out of town. It was winter so we shared and bed instead of sleeping on the floor. We couldn't sleep and were talking about boys in school and my friend said she had been fingered, I had not been. She fingered me and I sucked on her in and I returned the favor.

    In college at 18 is when I first had s** in my boyfriends dorm room. Shortly after he became a different person and we broke up around Thanksgiving. Turned 19 went home for spring break and you know the story...with all my bad autocorrects that my phone puts in there.

    I commented on here that I have thought about trying to sleep with my mother because it has made me and my dad so much closer but I'm not sure how to go about it. The farthest Ive got was I asked her about b*** sensitivity (only thing I could think of) and took off my top. She looked at my b**** as I kinda played with them and said it was probably my bra and didn't really acknowledge the fact that I just played with my b**** in front of her

  • Hun, that sounds hot and all, but I don't knows if that's really gonna do what you think it will. It's quite possible that trying anything with her can really go the other direction. How would you hope it would go with your mom? Do you have any siblings?

  • It might I'm kinda testing the waters.

    I'm hoping it will be spontaneous with her but I'm not sure

    And I'm a only child

  • Well maybe probe her thoughts on the matter in general. There may be better ways to get close to her.
    So how have you and your dad gotten closer? Just physically? Does he talk to you more? Or is it just a feeling? Do you have a boyfriend? Or just keeping yourself for him?

  • We are a lot closer, we talk alot more and we have a stronger connection now. Growing up we were close but it seemed like it was just both going through the motions but now we actually have real conversation and there's nothing we can't talk about

  • What are his thoughts on the situation? How do you see all this playing out?

  • Haven't told him and I don't think it will ever happen just a thought

  • No judging... Thats hot that u did that. Thats what we need, for u to start everything. ? hottt

  • I'm the author of this and I don't care if you think it's wrong. I had been dreaming of my dad f****** me since I was 10. Our relationship is even better now as father and daughter. There is nothing we can't talk about. I might even try to have s** with my mom to see if it makes our relationship closer.

    And frankly knowing this is "wrong" to you and that I to "stop it!!!" Makes it even more exciting

  • People want what they want I'm glad you got it after all that waiting you should let him f*** that ass to

  • ....have you had s** with your mom yet?

  • Not yet, but I think I'm getting close

  • I seriously came from reading this. I wish I had a dad. Oh well, I f***** my brothers at least.

  • Sweet home Alabama

  • This is incestous..Stop it!!!

  • F*** you! This is fun! I bet you're even religious, how you think humans got here? A couple of incest families, IF you believe the bible. But more than likely, yes, our ancestors, THE REAL ANCESTORS had incest. F****** grow up. She can do what she likes, she's an adult.

  • What is wrong with you people???? Seriously

  • We know how to have fun, dummy.

  • That's pretty hot.

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