It didn't happen but I wanted it to

Ever since I was 10 I wanted my dad to f*** me. I would dream about him coming into my room and everything to me. I would always tease him by walking around in my panties and the thinnest tshirt I had. It really let my nipples show through. On nights when my mom would be gone I would have a "spot" on my back or a sore neck from my dad to look at and I would always take my top off in front of him, but nothing. One night when I was 16 I came home from Halloween and I knew my dad was still awake. I came in and immediately started to take my costume off and he walked in, I stood in front of my dad and took my top off and let him see what my b**** had grown into. He just stepped outside the door and talked to me about my night. I got completely naked and asked him way he stepped out and he said because I'm your dad. He pocked his head around the corner and I could tell his eyes looked at my p****, then my b**** and them he went back around the corner and said I need to put clothes on. I tired for YEARS to get my dad to do anything to me, I wanted to be his s** toy! When I came home from my first spring break from college I picked up where I left off, wearing almost no clothes, teasing him. My mom figured I was just a playful girl that was comfortable with my body, she never knew I've been dreaming of my dad s******* my little body, now my adult body. I would still dream about 10 year getting all my holes violated by the c*** that made me. Finally on my second to last night before going back to college my mom went out. I walked into the livingroom and saw my dad watching a movie and there was a topless scene. I stood behind him and noticed he was getting a b****. I stepped in front of the tv and asked why he liked her b**** and not mine and took my top off. I stood in front of my dad with my 19 year old 34 b b**** out, and my nipples got hard within seconds. My dad looked away and said baby your my daughter I can't think of you that way. But I was tired of waiting I stormed up to him grabbed his b**** from the tv girl and said "but I want you to". He froze as I felt his d*** pulse in my hand and I started to play with it. After a couples of pulls he said no I can't and he went to stand up but I pushed him back down and pretty much jumped on his lap. I shoved my younger down his throat and noticed he didn't fight it. I told him that I've been dreaming of him f****** me since I was 10 and I wanted him still. I was grinding my p**** on his b****, he didn't say anything and he tired not to look at me but I didn't stop. I was begging him to and he didn't say a word, but I felt his hands grab my hips and I almost screamed with excitement. I dropped to my knees and unzipped his shorts and he closed his eyes, and finally there it was. I took his 7 inch deep into my mouth and he let out a load moan. I was finally sucking the d*** that made me, while fingering myself. I sucked him for a good 5-10 minutes before I looked up and saw he was actually watching. I stood up and dropped my pants to show him my bare p****. I asked if he wanted to... And before I could finish he lunged fronted and buried his face in my crotch. I almost fell over and I watch my dad lick my p****. I didn't care how load I was I was moan and saying yes daddy. I wanted more I pushed his head down away from my wet p**** and he fought me " yes he want it " I thought I got away and laid down on the rug and opened my legs. My dad was a little hesitant but he crawled on top of me and I pushed myself down onto his d***. My dad finally was f****** me, I could feel him sliding in and out. I told hi, harder and omg did he, he was ducking me with all the builds up sexual anger he has had since I first started this seduction at 10 years old. I was in heaven and he was moaning, my body was moving on its own pushing back hard again him with every thrust. I looked him in the eye and said "c** in me daddy please fill me" he said he couldn't but I kissed him and shoved my tongue in his mouth. I wrapped my legs around him so he couldn't pull out. He said no he couldn't and he started to slow down but I used my legs to get him to keep going. Finally he said " let go please I can't hold it" and I forcefully shocked myself down once last time and held him tight and finally I felt it, I felt him shooting c** inside me, my dad was pumping c** into my p****. After I thought he stopped I let him go but when his d*** slide out of me he shot one last stream of c** onto my stomach. He watched as I put my finger in his c** and then took it in my mouth. I rolled over and took his d*** in my mouth and we looked into each others eyes as I sucked his d*** teasing his c** and my p**** juice. When I stopped he pointed at the wood floor and said "you missed some" I looked down And saw where his c** had pored out of me. I bent down and licked it off the floor. We held each other on the floor and talked about how he knew I wanted him to f*** me for years and how I was leaving my door open


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  • I f***** my cousins guts out and came all in that p****

  • So where does this story deviate from what actually happened?

  • Besides the typing errors from my bad autocorrect that's what happened. And I have had s** with him again since then

  • Then why the title?
    What was the next time like?
    This is written very well.

  • No judging... Thats hot that u did that. Thats what we need, for u to start everything. ? hottt

  • I'm the author of this and I don't care if you think it's wrong. I had been dreaming of my dad f****** me since I was 10. Our relationship is even better now as father and daughter. There is nothing we can't talk about. I might even try to have s** with my mom to see if it makes our relationship closer.

    And frankly knowing this is "wrong" to you and that I to "stop it!!!" Makes it even more exciting

  • People want what they want I'm glad you got it after all that waiting you should let him f*** that ass to

  • ....have you had s** with your mom yet?

  • Not yet, but I think I'm getting close

  • I seriously came from reading this. I wish I had a dad. Oh well, I f***** my brothers at least.

  • Sweet home Alabama

  • This is incestous..Stop it!!!

  • F*** you! This is fun! I bet you're even religious, how you think humans got here? A couple of incest families, IF you believe the bible. But more than likely, yes, our ancestors, THE REAL ANCESTORS had incest. F****** grow up. She can do what she likes, she's an adult.

  • What is wrong with you people???? Seriously

  • We know how to have fun, dummy.

  • That's pretty hot.

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