I think i've fallen in love with my boss

I'm a 21 year old straight man, who's been a long term relationship for some time. But, I've been spending a lot of time with my male boss recently. We started hanging out, playing snooker, drinking beers, you know, guy stuff. He was fastly becoming one of my best nights. Then one night (we work in a busy East London pop-up bar), just me and my boss stayed behind after work to do a stock take. He was wearing these really stylish nudie jeans, and a tight-fighting tank top. The lights from the bar were showing off his solid, muscular body. We started pushing each other, and laughing and joking. Then I grabbed him, and we caught eyes, and started kissing. I could feel his c*** swelling, so i pulled down his trendy jeans and started sucking. I'd never given a b****** before, I really f***ing enjoyed the taste of his c***. I stood up, swung him round, and started f****** him. Ramming him hard against the wall. I blew my load inside him. And then we stood there, cuddling, enjoying the warmth of each others now naked and sweaty bodies. We started kissing again, and he bent over and I ate him out. Once again, a new experience for me, but I love the taste of his as**ole. We've been making love on the bar every night since. I've never felt bumgasms like this before, and I think its love. Does this make me gay?

Aug 7, 2016

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  • Sure sound it to me.

  • Yep

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