I'm Evil.

Ya. Im that guy who leaves the a****** comments your your confessions. Get lives. Please. The only reason I'm on here is because I'm waiting for my woman to bring me my pasta. In my spare time i like to see how miserable people here are. I recomend all you EMO losers to pop some pills, chuck some cough medicine and cut yourself. If that doesnt cure you go buy a gun and just 1 bullet. Shoot in between the eyes. I hear it has a higher success rate. Good luck. Losers !!

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  • I love you.

  • Actually, you know, if you throw down a ton of cough syrup, you won't die.
    You'll be trippin' b**** for a few hours, though. I whole-heartedly recommend it. Fun s***.

  • he sounds like a winner. wonder how gross his "woman" is?

  • welll your still on here, feeling the need to read peoples 'emo' comments to cheer you up. so if they were to all kill themselves then where would you be? looking for the next pathetic emo site to pick yourself up with. good luck with that. get a life.

  • It's 10 years later and the emos are still pouring out sob stories and drama and thinking they're deep. There are way too many stupid people on the planet to worry about all of them killing themselves, that would be like the oceans drying up.

    As long as there are emos and other ret@rds, there will be people laughing at their stupidity. If you don't like that, either quit putting out laughable material or be silent.

  • You're the worst troll ever. YAWN.

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