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Are you serious? I am going to feed the trolls this once because I have to know, are you really f****** serious? You have this much time to write tenth-rate s** stories on here? I mean are you all on welfare? Such a f****** group of losers, and you know it. See I'm feeding the trolls because the ones doing it are laughing their a**** off at this post, because at some point people become too stupid to realize what miserable f**** they are. And before you say it I am fully aware of what a miserable f*** I am, but I don't wave it around like a flag.

Anyway, here's a story that the losers on here can be envious about.

I've had s**.

Thank you.

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  • Don't be so snide. It could have been teacher, grandma, grandpa, mom's best friend, rabbit or vacuum cleaner.

  • not OP...but dog here :) L

  • With your father, mother, sister, brother or dog? Details would be nice.

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