Da confession

This isn't that interesting lol, but I'm really really h**** right now, and my girlfriend asleep but also really really sexy. shes really thick, just stacked you know? she kind of looks like a less intense amber rose body wise (which just makes her look more natural- and I'm into a natural look, no offence at all to people who like to wear a lot of makeup/get surgical augmentations/work hard to have their body a certain exaggerated way, its just a preference). and shes just absolutely gorgeous, these big pretty green almond shaped eyes and really classic features. she looks a little like sofia loren but more girl next door-y. and she dyed her long beautiful hair a dark gray, so she kinda has a sexy young witch aesthetic. all she has to do is eat and walk a little and she still stays slim and sexy and thick in all the right places. her shorts are hugging onto her thighs and ass for dear life as she sleeps and eugh shes just so hot haha. and she doesn't even have half a clue exactly how hot she clearly is, shes so humble and modest. her ass literally is a almost a foot behind her when she walks and she'll say her butt isn't that big. needless to say im gonna f*** the s*** out of her when she wakes up. i love her a lot too, and that just makes it worse. i mean shes already ridiculously hot, but i wear love glasses when i look at her too- love glasses always make your lover seem a thousand times hotter than they are. we might be having a threesome again soon, and oh my god i hope we do i love seeing her with girls. jesus christ shes hot. and great too really, you can't not like her, shes very calm and pleasant and only tends to speak when she actually has something worthwhile saying. also really kind and agreeable just the sweetest little thing. now hopefully i get to f*** her while she dines on some v*****. F*** YEAH, PANTERA!

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  • Threesoms are dangerous when she gets taste of bigger c*** shes gone

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