My best friend

I'm a 16 year old girl and I think i'm straight but I'm h**** all the time and my best friend Jessica makes me h**** as f*** because she's always bending down in short skirts and we always pretend to be strippers as a joke.I know I like guys because everytime I f*** them it feels great and i'm turned on and I love it when they shove their hard c*** to the back of my throat.But for some reason I can't help but get h**** as f*** around Jessica.It doesn't help that when she sleeps over she sleeps in the nude in the same bed as me.So the other night I decided to act on it and so when we went to bed she slept in the nude as usual.I asked her if she minded if I did too and she said I hopped into bed and she was laying her back to me so I started rubbing my p**** on her and if she thought it was weird I would just make up some excuse.She askd me what I was doing so I said I could stop if it was weird for her and she said no to keep going so I did and then she turned around and put her thigh between my legs and started to massage my c***.At first I thought it was weird because she's my friend but then it just felt so f****** good so she asked if she could keep going and I said yes and then she shoved two fingers in me and started to pump really slow.I started to grind on her fingers actually getting into it and I remember asking for more but she said she couldn't because it was too tight.So she kept going faster and faster.I could feel her juices leaking on my leg so I started to massage her c*** but it was a little odd at first because I had never done that to another girl before but I started getting used to it and I shoved three fingers in her.So we were fingering eachother and making out(which I don't even remember starting) and It felt so f****** good.We were both bucking our hips trying to get more and moaning and it turned me on even more.Finally I came all over her hand and she licked it which I found really sexy.A few minutes later she came on me and I was a little hesitant to lick it but when I did it tasted surprisingly sweet.We fell asleep with her sucking on my neck and me gringing my p**** on her leg with my hands on her ass.I thought it was a dream until I woke up the next morning to her sucking on my hard nipples and massaging my c***.I came really fast,which was kind of embarassing but she was fine with it.She freaked me out for a minute when she went down on me but after it felt really good.This is not fake,i'm not into making fake s***.I need some advice on what I should do now.Do I keep doing this?Or should it be a one time thing.Please give advice.

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  • Sounds like you had fun and maybe like her?? Deffinitly had fun though. Go ahead and do what makes you happy

  • This is why primitive societies endorse polygamy....

  • hmm. im a straight girl, and honestly i cnt say i find that very attractive. but i do understand that with a guy, and i assume that the plesure is all the same. so long as u guys arent cheating on anyone, i cnt find anything morally or legally wrong with it. being bi is nothing to be ashamed of.

  • i do enjoy the c*** very very much. But my favorite part of a p*** is when one chick is going down on another chick. I always come super fast at those parts.

  • However, nothing can compare to a hard d*** stretching that p**** and messaging that c*******.

  • I don't think you're straight. I think you are what people would call "bisexual". If you enjoyed it, then there is nothing wrong with it. Have fun!

  • Okay.. Damn. Me and my bff are like this too. It's called friends with benfits Hun. And dang you made me so hot I'm going to have to take care if that. Go for it do it again. I teased my bff and she always likes to hook up. Give yourself as a birthday present to her. That's hot. I did it for mine and she repaid me the favor. Intensely. No kidding either girl. Nothing is better than a girl touching your c******* or sucking your hard nipples. F*** her harder next time.

  • I am dripping wet. Do it again.

  • im so f****** h****
    do her again and then tell us about it

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