I get a feeling of pure, giddy ecstasy from eating meat from a fresh kill, whether it be from a rifle or simply trapping it and knifing it. The sight of b***** meat makes me want to leap at it and devour it, get on all fours, gorge myself on it. It brings out and utterly satisfies a primal, b****** side of myself that I usually keep hidden away from others.

Tearing the flesh away from bones with my teeth makes me want to howl and stake my claim, beat my chest and makes me want to fight someone like an animal. It makes me incredibly h**** as well. The wild side that comes out not only makes me aggressive, but also dominant and wanting to f*** someone hard and beast-like.

I have a friend that I hang out a lot with. We're both 19 years old and male and sometimes we f*** just for the sake of f******, not really any romantic connection, but a great respect and caring for each other's bodies. Anyway, once we went hunting together and we had been in the bush for the second day when we shot a deer and killed it.

I couldn't help myself and dropped to my knees, cut open its neck with a knife and started to tear and eat, getting my front covered in blood. I took off my jackets until I just had a t shirt on and the still warm blood on my skin was exhilarating. When my friends came close I growled at him and we had a wrestle over the deer which I won.

Usually our play-fights end up with the winner just sitting on top of the loser for a while, but the kill and the blood and meat was so thrilling and pleasurable that I was really hard and I bent him over and started to f*** him, using the blood as lube.


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  • You're 19, that says it all. You're under the sway of testosterone and lack of a fully developed brain. That's why the military loves your kind-- dumb, naive, and desperate to kill something or die trying. Be proud, stupid one. Be proud.

  • You're f*****

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