Sexless Relationship

I'm in a sexless relationship. My fiancé has never been very sexual or interested in s**. He is kind to me and sweet, but not physical. He doesn't like to hold hands or kiss or have s**. At best, before we were engaged, we had s** monthly. It almost seemed like a chore to him. He is so good to me outside of this area. I've addressed it so many times that I've given up. After we got engaged, we stopped having s** all together. It has been a year. He says it's emotional and we've had some problems, so he's not into it. He reads playboy and says he masturbates. I've never seen him do that once in our relationship, though. I thought maybe he was cheating because I just can't understand, but he works from home and never travels for work, so I don't see how.

I'm depressed and sad and crying all the time. I've asked him if there is something wrong with me. He said no, he just has a low s** drive. I've moved into the other bedroom because I've started masturbating at night from lack of attention, and he started to roll over and turn the other way. I feel like some kind of monster! And we are both very physically fit, in our 30's, attractive, former college athletes. I don't understand. I've considered leaving him because I feel so sad, but then I could be with someone else who is sexual but we have a bad relationship??Everything else in our relationship is good. I hate myself now. I feel disgusting. I just want him to touch me and want me. He's made a few off the wall remarks about priests and growing up as an alter boy, and I asked him if something happened. He said I was sick for even suggesting that. I'm embarrassed I even said anything, but I couldn't figure out why he hates being physical. I'm at my wits end. Is this normal? Are some men just not that interested? I've tried lingerie, toys, going into the shower with him, starting to give him a bj and he's actually stopped me. Please tell me if this is psychological or physical or something I am doing???? I'm desperate.

Aug 13, 2016

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  • I'm in the same boat :(

  • Get out of it and start to live

  • My guess is that he is not turned on by woman,,,,men is his treat.

  • Dump him life is short he's a lost cause

  • Oh please. I'd rather be with a good man who isn't into doing the dirty than a douchebag who happens to be a poonhound. Has no one on this post ever heard of d!ld0s?

  • After many years of marriage counseling, I believer I know the symptoms of a confused man,,,he does not know his sexual preference,,bordering on being homosexual.

  • A similar thing happened with me and my ex gf, and it's starting to happen with my current gf also. Although it's impossible to tell if he is going through the same feelings and thought process as I was going through, I'll tell you how I felt when I went through this. So my ex gf is a stunner, she's absolutely gorgeous, good in bed, and the most amazing person you'd ever want to meet. At the beginning of our relationship s** was very very frequent, sometimes 4/5 times a night. But as the relationship went on, my want for s** dropped off almost completely. But I did m********* a lot. I still don't fully understand the reasons as to why I stopped wanting s** with her, but I do know one thing, I definitely fantasised about other people. I would never cheat as that's not who I am, I couldn't do that especially to someone I love. But I used to m********* thinking about having s** with other women. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I couldn't help but think, I wish my gf would be up for a threesome, ffm. I know it's ridiculous and I never let on that I wanted one, but I just wished and dreamt that one night she would just come home with a hottie, and just let me go wild with both of them, I genuinely feel that would've brought the spark back to our s** life. I was always afraid to let her know the things that really turn me on, because they're kinda embarrassing. So yeah, I don't know if this helped in any way, but that's my input, good luck.

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