I want to get my sister in law preg

My sister in law is married to a red head. I am also red headed. I found out yesterday she is no longer on birth control and they are trying to have a second kid. I instantly got rock hard thinking about if I were to get her preg and her husband would think it was his. She is so sexy I've even thought of her while f****** my wife. I even try to be extra loud when me and my wife are at her house having s**.

Aug 16, 2016

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  • I got married neighbour pregnant great feling fun to watch her husband play wit my brat

  • Wow ur looking to get shot buddy better be careful

  • I love s** with my wife. If anyone is better I could not stand it so I stay with my wife.

  • What a looser.

  • I find gingers unattractive lol

  • Creep

  • Your wife married a looser, or is your wife a looser as well?

  • Eww ginger men

  • I hear they are sole less also

  • Forget it dude. Things can go astray on this one.
    Really now, you want to betray your wife and your family.
    You are a low life j***, the kind that we do not need in the gene pool.

  • That would be great if you can do it

  • Yes it would be. It's taken me a lil bit but the more we are around eatchother the more comphy she seems to be getting. Last time we were around eatchother we were talking while I was in the shower and she was in the bathroom with me and her sister getting ready. She was wearing a purple bra and a black med length skirt she looked amazing. I stood at the back of the shower at one point talking to her looking at her. I had the curtain barely coving my c*** and b****. She glanced to see if I was covered but that was about it. As I tried not to look to hard at her body just trying to play it off.

  • Have you tried anything else?

  • No the only other thing I have done was months ago my wife was sending her sister snapchat of a dress. I knew I was in the shot in the background laying on the bed. I was only in my boxers and I kinda spred out like I was joking. She did notice it be just said your husband looks good in the background. I am sure she also ment it in a playful way not in a serious way.

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