I still cant believe i did this. PT2 (the end)

I was nervous and sweaty, My hands were shaking, I leaned back on the counter and looked at my friends husband, He stood and looked at me and finally i said "Hi", He walked up, Leaned over me and kissed me, We stood in the kitchen and kissed for a long time before stopping to look at each other, I was breathing heavy and my whole body was trembling a bit, He was a good looking guy and I definitely didn't mind looking at him but I was so nervous I didn't know if I could do it, He asked if I wanted to sit on the couch and I nodded not knowing what else to do, we sat and made out and I was starting to get into it when he took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom, I think I am an attractive girl and I know I have a larger than average chest for a girl my size but I was super nervous about him seeing me so I lit one candle, shut off the lights, quickly shed my clothes and jumped under the covers, I didn't even look at him until I was in bed and by that time he was as well, We started kissing and I worked my way down kissing his body until I took his p**** in my hand, I can honestly say that until that moment I hadn't actually panicked but at that moment I totally did, I assumed he would be large since he is a tall, well filled out guy but he was way bigger than I expected, My husband is what I would call "Average size", and at that moment I realized I had not been with anyone but him since I was 17, I cant even accurately describe how huge he is but WAY bigger than my husband and I would think he is large by any girls standards, I stroked it thinking "Oh my god, What have I gotten my self into", He was running his hands through my hair and pushing my face toward it, I did my best to suck it but found it more awkward than anything so I just licked it and sucked his b****, He pulled me up to him after a few minutes and I was relieved until he rolled me onto my back and knelt between my knees spreading them, He kissed his way down my body spending way too long on my b**** but made it up when he finally got down lower, He crawled back up on top of me and I stopped him as he pressed his p**** against me, He looked at me and said "are you ok? do you want to stop?", I said "No" but I really meant yes, I was actually scared and just told him "Just go slow", He looked at me and said "I know, I will", I was definitely wet enough and it still took a long time of awkwardly wriggling and moving around before he was able to work it into me and when it finally slid in I gasped, He did his best to be gentle and took his time making sure I was ok, He got off before I wanted him to the first time but kept going and lasted longer than I wanted him to the second time and somewhere in between I got off too which was a bit of a surprise but eventually he finished, The deal was that we would stay where we were until morning so I drifted off to sleep with him spooning me from behind.
Some time WAYYYYY too early in the morning I woke up to him groping my b**** and my right arm and leg draped across him, He tried shoving his p**** in me but I wasn't wet so I slid down to suck him, that was the first time I actually seen his p****, Even half hard he was huge, When he was hard he rolled me over and shoved it in me, it was even more awkward and by the time I realized I should have said no we were all the way into it, I pretend to get off and he got off shortly after.
A little while later my friend walked in and had a towel on and her hair was still wet, She walked right up to the bed, Dropped her towel and crawled into bed, She snuggled up to her husband and looked at him saying "We ok?", He said "Yeah, Are you ok?", She nodded and looked at me and asked if we were ok, I said "Yeah, for sure", I told her I would leave them alone and she said "Don't, I want you to stay", to tell the truth I just wanted to get out of bed, The three of us laying there naked was soooooo weird, She laid with her head on his chest and I laid with my head on his other shoulder and he had his arm around me playing with my b***, I took his hand away a few times but he just put it back.
Finally I got up and said "I'll make coffee" and snuck out, my friend came out shortly after and we talked for a long time, She assured me she was ok with whatever I did and I told her the same although it took a long time before I actually was, Our stupid drunk idea didn't work but she eventually went to japan and spent a small fortune there, They now have three kids and couldn't be happier.
Me and her have never mentioned it again although my husband wouldn't keep his mouth shut about it for a long time and told me they did it way more than we did and hadn't actually gone to sleep before he told her he couldn't go anymore and she came upstairs, Me and her are as close and ever and I think I have totally gotten over it.

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