My dad

I feel like my father is somehow engaged to Donald Trump. All he does is talk about him. I can't take him seriously when we talk about the guy anymore. I just start giggling to myself.

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  • "Trump supporters are a disgrace to America."

  • LOL! I know how to make dad go bananas!

    Go to and print some of their articles on Trump. Read one or two, and leave them around where you know he'll find them. The is a kick-ass, hard core Trotskyist site. They are the Marxists of the Marxists. When he asks you about it -- and he will, tell him you're considering becoming a socialist, because nothing could be as crazy as sTrumpet.

    After you see the look on his face, tell him you're only joking and that you did it just to yank his chain...

  • Your dad is bored surprise him giv em head

  • How in the world are you still sane.

  • Lol I'm not surprised.I would laugh aswell! :)

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