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I don't know how it happened so instantaneously, but I seem to have fallen in love with you after only briefly making your acquaintance. I have only had the pleasure to officially meet you on two separate occasions yet you somehow materialized into my life in the exact form of everything that I feel I have been searching for over the course of my entire life. I recognized this after our first encounter but I attempted to write it off as little more than a crush that I would get over after you left. However, I can no longer deny the kind and gentle warmth that you radiate. I'm not exaggerating when I say that my heart only beats for you. You brought my heart back to life after I had completely renounced love as nothing more than an overrated expression fitting only for fairy tales. But I just don't know how to proceed since you live so far away. And even if you do come back to visit, I can't exactly proclaim my love for you without sounding like a crazy obsessed person. Nevertheless, I will wait. I am a patient man. When our paths eventually cross again, as I'm sure they will some day, even it takes another year or two, when the time comes, I will try my best to show you that I am hopelessly devoted to you. I will safely stow away all of my affections for you in the meantime.

Aug 22, 2016

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  • I love this but you should tell her!!

  • Totally agree. But OP is too chicken and would rather play the tragic romantic anyway

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