Young parents

When I see hot lookin moms it makes me laugh inside cause no matter how hot they try to make themselves they'll still have that baggage (kid)and probably a partner they aren't attracted to anymore Soo cliche have fun with that.....

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  • Wow looking after kids sounds just riveting...pushing that stroller and oh the baby talk I couldn't think of anything I could better spend my time on

  • Jealous much of YOUNG MOMS

  • Not at all.......

  • I think moms go through a real sexy stage after they birth the first kid. My wife started wearing short denim skirts and looked teally sexy pushing the pram. Lost it after a few years. Put on weight. No libido. Self absorbed. B****!

  • Not all look good after one lol my ex's friend used to be bangin before she had a kid. Just one and she's frumpy and looks terrible

  • It's the myth that u can eat for two, extra responsibility, and lack of self control

  • Whoa

  • I am a single mom. Married a douche. Divorced a douche. I have one pretty awesome kid. I look good, I dated, and I've managed to explore all the fun and kinky things I wanted to try while married to a boring douche. Then I found one awesome and kinky man who is good to my child and life is fcking sweet. ;)

  • What did he do that made him a douche just curious?

  • He ultimately cheated, but that really actually wasn't the worst of it. He made me feel guilt for liking s** and wanting to explore. He made me feel like a total freak for wanting to have s** with him. Then he started to tell me that he wanted to get out more, and have a life. I stayed home with our son and let him get out and have fun with friends. He would come home and I would ask him if he had fun, and he would tell me "I have nothing new to talk to you about." If I wanted to go out with him he would tell me to get friends so he doesn't have to do things with me. Nothing cuts deeper than that coming from someone you love and married. So, now I am free, and way happier.

  • Young mummies are soo sexy their lovely fat little a****

  • Have fun paying for half of their s*** and looking after their kid

  • In my experience pretty much everyone has something happen in their lives to shake it up, and find themselves on their own when it comes. It could happen when you're young, old, and it doesn't have to involve having a kid, or even personal responsibility. If it hasn't happened to you, it doesn't mean you're better than the average person. Just that your turn will come. Hope someone will stand by your side through it. You don't come across as a well-intentioned person, so it's doubtful.

  • Yes we all have challenges this is in response to many of the people in my age category around me that seem to be like the Buffalo jumping off the cliff. They find someone that they click with a little, cling to them get married and have a kid, some how I think there's more to life. I think the cycle is very society driven, people should stop being sheep and maybe do more of what they want.

  • Stop being cynical :)

  • If ur one of these people stop being smug and I'll retract my comment lol

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