The females in the family

Since high school, maybe even sooner, I've wanted many different of the girls in my family in more that a family loving way. I'm 17, and I've always wanted: my sister (15), cousins (16 & 11), mom (42), and my aunt (46)...I don't wanna hear how gross this is, because I know, but I needed to let it out somehow, so thank you for the chance to finally get it off my chest. I've fantasized about all of them at one point, and if any of them wanted me, I wouldn't hesitate to let them take me, so yeah, that's my life secret...and it's finally out.



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  • I've fantasized about 6 of my girl cousins, and one aunt. I actually came close to bagging the aunt one night when I was 15, having got her drunk, but unfortunately, she passed out before I could get her undressed. After that, she kind of stayed away from me.

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  • You're not alone. Ever since I was a young teen I've fantasized about my mom (20 years older than I) and my aunt (17 years older than I), and I spied on them naked regularly. I don't have a sister or female cousin, but if I did, I bet I'd have fantasized about them too. I'm in my 30's now, and I'd still happily make love to my mom & my aunt. Neither of them are into that, though. The most I've ever done is kiss my mom on the lips for about 5 seconds.

  • I hooked up with one of my cousins and it was so sexy

  • How old were you guys and how'd you do it?

  • I was 6 1/2

  • Sad w***** if u saw a p**** ud s*** ur self

  • I have the same feeling but not for my sisters and my mum. I have fantasised about my aunts and cousins a lot. One of my cousins is literally my dream f***.

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