I'm with mine

Im with my cousin and we are having a baby. I have lost my hole family and friends but I don't care I love her so much and always will. But if you do get with her or him no one will exept it and you will be pushed out of your family sorry but it's true

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  • I hope baby is ok then f*** family

  • Wow. You should start looking up the stats on how many cousins do this and you will find it is a lot more then you would ever relies. I thing it one or two spelling mistakes is all you can put me down for. It just makes you look like a 13yo girl and the hole should be in your head. It is legal and there is nothing wrong with it as far as I can see. But one day you will do something that everyone will run you down for and then I hope you loose your family. But thinking about this would you run a brother or sister out of your family for this. All because you don't like it you would get rid of a loved one just coz you don't like what they done. Even when it makes them so happy. So I hope one day you are a bit more open minded and see that this could be your brother or sister and think of there feeling and not what your friends think of you

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