This is a secret. Read to find out.

So, I've been hiding this for about 8 years. Nobody in my family or outside of my family knows. This all started one day when I went to brush my teeth. I wondered how it would taste. My confession is..... I like pancakes.

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  • Hahahaha!!!

  • You are one sick twisted individual who is either in need of a lot of therapy or maple syrup.

  • I fn hate mother fn s*** pancakes

  • DMn

  • I like Pizza

  • Here's something that's NOT a secret: you're an idiot.

  • Why do you say that?

  • I couldn't agree more with this statement. The OP is an idiot.

  • Why do you say that??

  • Because you tricked them into believing it was an intriguing secret, people don't like to be tricked

  • Uh, guess what? People s*** all over this board with their fantasies and stories. How is that not the same thing?

    At least this OP had fun with the idea. It made me smile-- a genuine amused smile, not the kind of "god, my species is doomed" smile that this site so often gives me.

  • No, just because it was dumb, and a waste of time for them to type. Also a waste of time for me to read, but I didn't deny being an idiot myself. lol

  • You were the idiot to click on it.

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