the wife's sisters...

All of my wife's sisters have shown up in random dreams doing awesome sexual things with me. WHY?

I could swear that two of my wife's sisters would let me do dirty things to them. Why must they torment me?!?!? There's no way I could get away to trying to find out if I could.

Why is it that one of them always wants to get me falling-down drunk while around her, but never has too much to drink around me? Is she trying to get something from me without giving too much of herself?

We could never do anything, but DAMN, it's hot to think about.

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  • If it's becoming a serious issue, (as in, you can't be around them without thinking of it), try to get some sort of outside help like a therapist/counselor. You're being a great man if you don't act upon it, especially if your wife's sisters are s****.

    Most people fantasize, and it's nothing to be ashamed of.

  • As long as it stays IN YOUR DREAMS, you will be fine.

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