My wifes best friend

So the other day my wife's friends come to my house and there's 4 of them. They are really good friends and nothing serious except for one. The others I met many times before but this new girl I like. So I don't know what to do or say. She touches my leg, laughs with me and is super friendly. She let me hold her and give her a massage with my wife watching and not to mention lay down with her when she went to sleep but she was drunk. She also Sat with me and played games for 2-3 hours. Drank with me and smoked as well. There's so many signs of something but I don't want to jeopardize my wife's friendship with her since middle school. I'll see her again with only me and my friend in a month. I talked with her when I'm going and inviting her to explore with us. She did message my wife about something because later on my wife asked me questions about going and inviting her. What should I do and is does she like me????

Jul 9, 2019

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  • She definitely likes you and your wife definitely wants to share you with her.

    I know this as my best friend has been part of a threesome for 14 years. I love watching my hubby f*** her HARD. And when he is done filling her with c** I get to lick up the mess while he enters me from behind.

    The other night we all three orgasmed at the same time. It was intense

  • Damn, boy: you need to get to tappin that ass!

  • My first wife had a friend just like yours. She wasn't in our wedding, but once I discovered how hot and how skilled the friend was, I divorced my first wife (shortly before our 2nd anniversary), and I've been married to the friend for the last 14 yrs. Does she still cheat? I guess, but she provides everything I need, and then some. Why should I care?

  • If she's been doing it for money, and she's willing to do you for free, how could possibly pass?

  • The friend is surely going to f*** somebody. It might as well be you. You should do her while you're still married. That will make the memory more delicious, and who knows what it might lead to. You could wind up with the friend, full-time.

  • Might

  • OK! Update for everyone. So me and my wife were planning to divorce like talking for hours and ended not divorcing. (I know, it's crazy as it sounds.) Anyways I confronted her about the friend I like and Jesus I got informed. Her best friend turns out to be a little s***. I don't mean that in a derogatory way. Like she legit is one. As the best friend she has the scoop of what she does and "who" she does. It actually p***** me off what she does and I probably will not do anything with her. Knowing once she has a couple drinks, her legs are open for business. That kind of way. So what I was experiencing the other week wasn't anything special. She was drunk and h**** (which is a good thing😂). But if something happens I'll feel dirty and if something happened with her and my best friend I'll be p***** cuz I'll have to see her again with my wife. So either way this is not good. What should I do? Should I say f*** it and do whatever or should I stay far as f***????

  • As long as your wife gives you approval to f*** her friend I'd say go for it. It sounds like you may have already talked about this possibility. But be aware that this could open up a can of worms such as your wife turning into a s*** too and f****** other guys. It could create a chain reaction. But as I tell my nephews, make sure to live life to the fullest and get as much p**** as you can. You will regret not getting enough p**** if you don't seek it when you are younger.

  • Your marriage is not in the best of places. Is a romp with a fun time girl worth some more added marriage bullcrap to wade through? Never shyt where you eat. Fine If you need some extra curricular but not right under your wife's nose. It's not hard to find or buy it so step out and get it.

  • The anticipation will definitely sweeten the taste and deepen the passion of the adultery. Please keep us alerted to what happens with you two overheated lovers.

  • OMMFG this is sexiest thing I've read in ages, and it's the most romantic! I have always loved romance novels and Lifetime movies, and your story is exactly like that, with such excitement and so hot and thrilling! I hope you get your girl (I'll be imagining it's ME!!!) and that you are both happy with each other! I see great things for you!!!!!!!!

  • That instantaneous attraction you felt for her? She obviously also felt that for you, too. It would be better for you if she were married to somebody else, because then she would have as much to lose as you do, but those are not the circumstances, so you'll just have to take on some more risk. Still, it sounds like you're smart enough to manage that risk. Start finding ways to see more of her, whether with your wife or without. Begin kissing her hello and goodbye, EVERY TIME you see her. On the cheek at first, but drawing progressively closer to the mouth each visit, and lingering in the kiss and the hug longer each time. Then, find a way to engage in that kiss where your wife can't see it, and at that point, kiss her like a lover. If she responds in kind, you're gold. If she expresses offense, tell her she misunderstood. But whatever you do, and whether or not the Tokyo trip materializes, DO NOT LET THIS OPPORTUNITY PASS! The s** you will have with this woman will be the best of your life......but you must take the initiative.

  • Thank you for the advice. I will take it to heart. There's a situation anyways where we both want a divorce after a long time of it not working out. So I made a deal with myself to see if something does happen in tokyo. I am 100% ready for divorce. I may do it before I go lol. I mean it's a messy s*** right now. So overall it will play a major role in being with her. But if it doesn't workout in tokyo then go back home and still divorce because I'm unhappy. No matter what I'm going to get a divorce. But thank you for the advice!

  • She likes you and I'm surprised that your wife hasn't put an end to the massages and all the flirting that is going on. Usually wives are pretty keen to know when you are doting on their friends. Maybe your wife doesn't care?

  • So a couples days after her friends left. My wife asked me a strange question. "Can I go with your friend alone to Tokyo?" I was surprised like wtf?!. I think she is jealous but didn't want to show emotion. Even where her friends were there. I'm going to Tokyo with my best friend next month and I invited my wife's friend that I like to meet up and hangout with us. BTW I'm American and everyone is japanese. So yeah complete different culture. But still idk what to do. I have a feeling there's a 10% her friend actually wants to do something or is interested. Honestly I think she is just friendly or friend zoning me. But at the same time a wife best friend do that stuff in touching and spending time with and willing to meet without my wife in the presence.

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