I hate my kids & husband

I am a mother of 5 YES FIVE kids. You would think I would have learned after 1 right?? I actually somewhat enjoyed my first 2 so much so that I went and had 3 more and they are the worst brats ever!! They constantly fight, wine cry and tell me they hate me, the 2 girls ages 11& 10 are the worst!! My youngest son is 4 and would be fine if he wasn't tainted by them. I could be home free right now my oldest are grown but no, I am f****** doing this again!! I hate myself for being so stupid and my husband just sits there and never disciples them. He is like having a 6th child. So glad others hate their life too!! It's not just me!! Sometimes I just want to leave and never come. Ack and then I feel so bad for feeling that way. I must say I hate these f****** kids over a dozen times a day. I am such a miserable b****.

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  • Lately I am in constant awe that more dads and moms don't just "go out for a pack of smokes" and never come the f*** back home. I'd be lying if I said I've never fantasized about it myself.

  • Your stupid you are the problem...stop blaming others for your f****** life

  • Kill them. Problem solved.

  • Make sure to service ur husband

  • 5 kids! And the 10 & 11year olds are already telling you they hate you? The teen years are going to be fun! Things need to change. And change now for everyone's well being.Your husband needs to take a more active role. No negotiating..he needs to grow the f*** up and parent with you. But first you need to hit the reboot button. Because you need to deal with your own s*** to be a better person, wife and mother. Grab a friend and get away for a weekend. Have your husband deal for the weekend. Come back refreshed and with a plan. Change behaviours (you included) that are not making anyone happy or working. Create chores for the kids. Hire help as you need. Create Balance. It won't be easy, it never is. But what's happening now isn't working either. What do you have to lose? Try something different.

  • Totally agree. Not your fault as others here say, they're just being hateful because it's easy.

    All kids are different, life situations change and they may have been raised differently, this necessarily happens (which is why birth order contributes to everyone's relationship to family). Take time out for yourself, your husbands need to be more involved, the girls need to be put in their place.

  • Why the f*** would u have five kids and marry someone not only did u f*** up ur life but u did it to them and u had all the decision making power I'd say kill ur self but u have a lot of ppl counting on u

  • You kids behave themselves the way they do because of yourself and your husband. You're totally to blame. Bye.

  • A Childs behaviour,isn't always a reflection on bad parentage,you fool!!

  • It is in this case.

  • No it's not it's half and half some people are just a*******

  • Well,it doesn't appear to be the mother,whose the bad parent.It appears to be the father.The mother appears to be at her,"wits end" with her children.If she isn't getting the support she needs from her husband,to parent and discipline their children,then any child/children,can become unruly and disobedient,regardless of how many children,a person has.Parenting should be shared,amongst any coupling.As the mother stated,her husband is like a,"6th child" well,that can't be was for her!! She not only doesn't have his support with their five children,he's also adding to her strain and stress,by becoming a burdon to her aswell.He isn't child,he's a grown ass,f****** man!! If he can plant his seed in his woman to procreate,he should f****** take care of them and burden his share of responsibilities,within his relationship.It takes two people to make children,he needs to grow a pair and support his wife,or else I wouldn't be surprised or blame her,if she walked out on,all of them!!!!

    However,everyone's circumstances are different.Because this woman is venting her frustrations,doesn't mean she's a bad parent!! She sounds like she's done her best and had enough!! Stop chastising her,"commentators" walk a mile in her shoes,before you all,f****** judge her!!!

    Her confession,isn't for entertainment value and to cater for your self satisfactions,stop judging her!!!

  • Its al the mothers fault she took p**** bareback now she wants sympathy

  • It takes two to make a child,you f****** idiot!!!
    The father is,just as responsible,as the mother!! What an idiotic asshat,you're!!!!

  • An affair will make u happy

  • I'm sorry, it's difficult to be a parent and I'm sure you love your kids deep down (if you tell them you hate them, please stop). Make your life easy... the minute they fight or say they hate you, they are up to their room for a 1/2 hour or so (you too if you are unkind to them). Get a timer for each. If they come out, you put them back and add time. Right now they are controlling you but you need to know they are children and you have to control them. It IS that easy. Start in the morning with a fresh outlook.

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