Plus size models

They shouldn't even be a thing. A model should be ideal like a role model. Obese is not ideal from the health issues alone. We don't need anymore people promoting delusions. If someone feels bad that they're fat thats a normal response to have just in the same way someone feels after they've drank too much liquor or they've eaten two pizzas to themselves. The people with genetic or thyroid issues exist but for the great majority it's mostly eating too much and not exercising enough.

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  • When I was a very young girl, I used to chant "Fatty, fatty, two by four, can't get through the bathroom door" whenever this heavy-set girl who was in my school was around. She was always in tears as everyone was giving her the same treatment. My teacher took me aside and said to me, "Quit chanting this to Betty or one of these days, you'll be fat, too, and people will do the same thing to you." WELL . . . she was right . . . I became heavy set, and I have had to endure the fat shaming throughout the years. Even though I am overweight, I am active and healthy, but people don't see beyond the fat. SO . . . quit commenting about the heavy models and get a job and a life.

  • F*** off. Fat shaming is done by small minded, insecure people who criticize others just to feel better about themselves. I'll bet your life sucks. Maybe you should attend to your own problems and flaws before attempting to direct your faux outrage at people you see as inferior.

    Eat s***, you little pleb.

  • Who the f*** actually goes to someone and tells them they're a fat f*** one those ppl rarely exist.....I post this in response to seeing bill boards with whales on them acting like they're hot s*** it's a reality check....u call me insecure but u know what my body has no problem dealing with locomotion can u say the same for its maybe go swimming if u do nothing but float u may be a fat f***

  • F*** off douche. Learn how to write in proper English. I stand by my original appraisal of you. You are an insure and apparently ignorant child. Who write like you are dumber than a bag of hair. As far a "locomotion" goes; why don't you do use all a favor and use your locomotive abilities to place yourself in the path of a runaway bus.

  • Shut up! Some people can't even help it they are born with conditions that just make them bigger even though they do sport and eat healthy and anyway we're all beautiful in our own way apart from you because your a mean judgmental piece of s***!

  • It's called will power........unless u have some serious health problem stopping u........

  • The majority of fat people are lazy and dont give a f--k about taking up too much space. They block the way they block the way with their obesity, when they can move over a little to let people pass by, but most of them dont since they are lazy fat people.

  • A model should be a role model??!! Are you delusional? Why would anyone want to aspire to be a silent, expressionless, walking advertisement? I even find the term "plus-sized" model ridiculous since they're typically the size of an average person and I have never seen one who was obese. The only good point you made in your ill-informed rant is when you said "we don't need anymore people promoting delusions" which is exactly what starving models are doing to young girls as their confidence gets destroyed by the portrayal of "beauty" in mass media. I find nothing more beautiful than someone who is comfortable in their natural body.

  • 300 pounds even if it happens to be the average in the USA isn't something anyone should accept and no it's not beautiful what is beatiful is usually driven by evolution most of these people would've just died early if it wasn't for modern medical s***

  • This was perfectly said.

  • Obese isn't natural either it happens with a lot of overeating and inactivity and takes a lot of will power to reverse which is something most of u lack

  • Blah blah blah lol

  • Brainless d****** go comment on some fake s** stories written be dudes

  • No 1 curr

  • No 1 curr bout u

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