Men Terrify Me

I've always had a complex about men and I'm currently in the midst of trying to get over it. They make me nervous and put me on absolute edge. When one even so much as brushes against me, I feel very uncomfortable. I can talk to them, sure, but if they get close to me, I panic. I'm okay with boys who are 10 and younger because I feel... more safe around them than I am with older males. Like... If they were to try and harass or hurt me, I'd be able to easily move away.

Now the stupid thing is... That I was raised in a household full of men. I have three older brothers, a dad, and then there's my mom, who I am very attached to. Because I'm the only girl, I often get warm treatment which involves a crap load of hugging and such. I try to avoid these types of actions especially when the person in question is my brothers or my dad. But anyways, you'd think that I'd be totally used to men rather than women.. However if you do believe that, then you are wrong.

Due to the fact that I'm the only girl and adopted because my mother failed to conceive a female three times, she kept me very close to her. I don't necessarily mind this, but I do think that my lack of interaction with my brothers is why I'm like this...

I don't read know how to get over this. I am not attracted to females. I know that for sure. I've had dreams of marrying a man and quite possibly having children, but if I don't change quickly, that won't happen. Besides, even if I do get at least a bit used to interactions with men, what on earth am I going to do when sexual intercourse is brought up?

You might be laughing at me for having a very dumb fear. However I'm honestly quite worried about this. It used to bug me up to the point where I even questioned my own sexuality. When a male my age touches me, even with genuinely friend intents, I get cold sweat or something..

I dunno what the point of this confession is... Maybe I just needed to get this off my chest.

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  • The comments alone validate your sentiments. Smh. Men suck... there are a few good ones out there though, and it would be a shame to miss him because of this fear. I think therapy will help you overcome it. You made the first step in recognising and admitting you have a problem, which is good.

  • With sincerity, it's probably best to seek out a therapist. It's a sign of strength.

  • U have nothing 2 fear i have taken black white yellow men they think they r strong but ten min n their hole of choice they are very weak just try a young guy he wont last long u wil get courage avoid chinks they just want ass ok if u got lub good luck

  • Hav s** wit a girl later try a strap on later have few drinks and hav a small cocked man go slowly

  • That sounds ok i might try that

  • Lik any phobia u need to be introduced slowly first u tak a p**** n ur hand then n ur ass finallz n ur mouth then u fine next try wit 2 c****

  • I dont think i could

  • Id choke if one was n my mouth

  • Thanks do you think i could manage that im still scared maybe i try a small c***

  • There are very nice guys out there, which you have absolutely no reason to be afraid of.

  • Like h*** nice guys their c**** thats all they think of

  • I havnt met any nice guys they all just after my p****

  • Guys just want ass smelling lickn f**** all thats n their head is f****

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