Hilary clinton

Who gives better b******* her or Monica?

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  • Love it! The same mouth-breathers who whine and cry that we need to just forget about how stupid Dubya was turn right around and bring up even older history, but that level of hypocrisy is nothing new.

    Why is that? Explain and leave nothing out.

  • Oh... I remember all those years ago when Monica was crawling around the floor of the White House on all fours like a two year old, putting everything in her mouth. She must have looked so f-u-c-k-i-n-g adorable

  • I vote Monica for number one b******* u know what's funny is I saw her do a Ted talk she's probably more qualified than hill dog or trump to be president lol

  • Judging by the election campaigns, I'd day Donald Trump.

  • It's true, he's good at making the right shape with his mouth. Although he starts crying if daddy Putin isn't there to give him a reacharound while Donnie's servicing his mental superiors (which is pretty much everybody)

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