She's so overrated and unattractive she seems like the type that would just love ** u around her voice would just get louder and louder the more u disagree with her....also I'm sure jay z would appreciate some washed ** every once in a while but he probably gets that from other chicks

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  • >"she seems like the type that would just love ** u around her voice would just get louder and louder the more u disagree with her"

    This, more than talent-- even more than her being black and therefore an object of unconditional worship-- is why Millennials love her. Same reason why retards adore Trump.

  • Beyoncé and her following of idiots

  • Not a follower of her really, I just find it ridiculous this person is bashing her when really it just sounds like they are in their feelings for no reason. If she's so untalented why even bother posting on an anonymous site about the lady? Sounds like no matter how much they deny it, they must care. You don't have to like her but respect her hard work and hustle to get where she is now.

  • You sound jealous. She's overrated yet one of the most respected talents of all time. Apparently more talented than you because her bank account is looking nice for being so "untalented". As far as saying she's unattractive...... Maybe you should look in the mirror? I doubt you look 1/10 better than her on her worst day.

  • "One of the most respected talents of all time"????? Did you just say that in a serious manner?

    Nice fairytale....don't think I ever heard that one before.....Don't tell're a millennial dumb ** and you have an IPhone.

  • Actually, I don't own an IPhone and although I am a millennial I am far from dumb. Graduated with honors from college, so if that makes me dumb then whatever helps you sleep at night. You sound very bitter about a woman you don't even know. And yes I said one of the most respected talents of all time. Despite what you feel about her and her husband they are billionaires. They came from nothing, worked hard, and now are a great minority power couple that not only have talent, but do things for communities and have donated thousands to charities to help the impoverished and less fortunate. They sell records and sell out tours worldwide. So maybe the world likes this talent-less woman? Pray tell, what have you done with your life since you MUST be the most attractive and talent laden person in this world? Please tell me do you have any talents? If you do I doubt anyone cares. Beyonce' and her unattractive self are not concerned about you or your opinions. Go find a hobby.

  • Pff go find a hobby lol u typed 20 times as much as I did unlike u I actually have perspective on what it's like to not have a smart phone...

  • Cool story

  • Thanks

  • If u had ur snout stuck n her ** u would not say these things

  • Ummm no

  • I agree r if u were eating her choc eye

  • ** noooo

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