Kissing cousins

This last week my cousin and his wife and kids came to see me. He found a quiet moment and f***** me. It felt good to be held by him again and feel his d*** in me. It really felt good when he released his c** in me.

His wife knows, it's not like she could have lived with him for ten years and not know that I am his first and he still loves me and enjoys f****** me. I enjoy it too, it's just that because we are cousins we had to go our separate ways when it came to love and marriage. I lasted less than a year, I just couldn't have another man f****** me.

I'm getting to that age when the clock ticks louder and louder. If I am going to have kids it better be now. I'm 35 and I want to have two kids, I don't care if anyone thinks what they want, I want to get pregnant. Of course I have discussed it with his wife. We talked at Easter. She has two kids, she's 32 and she won't say no to me, not anymore. She knows about the clock, hers ticks too and she wants another one before she has to shut down. We are just going for it, we tossed out all the pills and the condoms and we are going bare, f*** till we are pregnant. I can't wait to f*** again tonight. We'll trade off, me, her, me, her, we won't stop until we are both PG.

Jul 17

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