I wanted him to

I didnt know the guy, i couldnt even remember his name, i origanly asked him to wear a condom but he refussed, he just kept pounding me harder and harder, it was amazing, i asked him to pull out and not c** in me!
but he held me tight and pounded me harder till he gave me one finel thrust, as he did pull out i felt it trickle down the inside of my leg, i may have asked him not to, but im glad that he did

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  • I'm 39 yr old woman, have had my fair share of pull outs. At this age I've never had a man finish in me without wearing a condom, which is not the same thing. It is because of this, I believe that risk impregnation is my biggest turn on. Even I hear him say, in gonna c**, please let me c** in you, I want to give you my seed, I want to get you pregnant, ect. Drives me wild. Touching myself thinking about it now.

  • If a guy loves u he wont b able to pull out

  • It is unhealthy for a guy to pull out shouldnt b done last drop should b put n p****

  • Damm right

  • I nevr pul out i tel her i forgot

  • Never ask a guy to pul out

  • I love the feeling of guy unloading inside me. It is so amazing. Candi

  • I would love to blow my big warm load of c** inside your sweet pink p**** babe, you sound like my kind of girl, do you like your tight little brown hole pounded? let me know I love to lick both holes before I f*** them.

  • Mmmmm

  • Yes and he loves feeling of a s*** who lets him

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