I've had 3 abortions

And don't give a single f***

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  • Keep them babies out of the gene pool.
    We have enough defective folks here now.

  • Yep it helps keep me in business I've performed over 50 procedures in my career and then if hey sign of we send the stem cells out for research to cure disease

  • Would love to make it 4 ;)

  • Too h*** with the self righteous sinners in here. Do what you feel like you need to do and ask for forgiveness just like they do,,,,remember we all have sinned.

  • Sinning against who.........if there is a God I hope he has a good f****** excuse if he exists he's 100 percent responsible for every f***** up thing

  • Damn u ppl commenting on this r dumb as s***.....ever squashed a bug? There's more life in the bug than in that tiny fetus.....

  • All sins even as bad as yours can be forgiven

  • Jesus said no one sine is greater than another, well yes there is,,,,denying God is the greatest one.

  • No one cares accept u religious zealots ur God is a childish b****, u wanna no why, humans made it up...

  • If u didnt give a single f... U wouldnt be telling us pray hard and god will take pity on u

  • U must b in a very bad way ask the lord for forgivness and help

  • Not my lord I'm not mentally handicapped...

  • You need professional help to deal with this there is no way ul b able to cope with all the slaughter alone talk to a clergyman and seek forgivness if u dont i fear ul develop drug r alchol probs n coping with ur awful acts

  • Clergymen rape kids...

  • Not clergymen who kill kids

  • Yeah only rape them

  • Republicans will provide men with V***** prescriptions but refuse to give women birth control prescriptions.
    They want to stay our of peoples lives except when it comes to women's legal rights. They want to flout the law when it serves them, but people can smoke, drink, and over eat and it is ok to treat them for addiction and weight loss, etc.
    Of course alcohol and tobacco are legal, WHY? they cause more deaths than anything else in this country,,,,well guns cause more accidental deaths in the home than guns save lives in the home. There are 10 times more children die from gun deaths than criminals in this country.

  • Republicans aren't very smart with that concept lol

  • Its a republican thing. They do not want to give a woman birth control, but give men V*****. They want everyone to obey the law , don't intrude into peoples lives, but h*** a woman cannot do anything without Republican men's blessing.

  • No men can ok murder

  • You'd rather people do it illegally with coat hangers right ...

  • Bush did, he invaded a country and killed 200,000 innocent civilians in the name of what!
    Oh yea it was justified.. OH well what did we accomplish?
    Ot was not murder, it was war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Look you are in charge of your body. Don't let anyone tell you different. It is your life not theirs. People go around cheating and stealing. They get drunk and smoke cigarettes etc and it is ok, but damn if a woman wants to have control of her body, look out.

  • Cheating stealing smoking and getting drunk r al bad but they dont compare with murdering 3 helpless babies

  • Correction fetuses

  • No sin is greater than another in Gods eyes. Just remember that Jesus said, "He who is without sins cast the first stone". You must be without sins.

  • Jesus also said go and sin no more he didnt say com back soon for anothr abortion

  • F*** Jesus f*** ur dumbshit religion maybe use ur brain

  • Of course she can control her body but if she has unprotected s** its her decision then if a life begins she should not kill it

  • Its never the mans fault! So the man is without sin? Can he not choose to have unprotected s** or is it always the woman's fault like you say?

  • Dont worry dr shipman is bigger mass murderer than u

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