Freshly 21 year-old at bar..

Stopped at my local sports bar last night after long day at gathering. Had few drafts, no big deal, when very hot, dirty blonde-haired girl in a sexy little half-shirt came in with 3 other women, one of whom was much older. I looked a few times, as they were all, other than the older woman, dressed sexy and hot. And, by the looks of at least 2 of them, including the navel-baring shirt girl, fairly drunk.

Watching tv and having a beer, I see the hot girl get up and sit next to me. Starts talking to me like we're old friends. "How you doing? How's your day?" type thing, left arm on my back (I admit..her soft hands felt good). Bartender came over, and immediately noticed the girl had had enough. Encouraged her to have water, and walked away. Girl then asked me for a drink of my beer, adding a lean-in and munch on my neck. Telling myself, why not, I put my hand on her exposed tummy, feeling and caressing her skin.

"Mm.." she slurred, taking my beer and slugging down two gulps. "You're so fukin cute..Take me somewhere else" she said. I was going to, and really up for it, until she added "Just let me tell my friends and mom", the people sitting with her in the booth. Still, I considered it, and even traded a few liplocks with her while the others were outside having a smoke.

They came back in, and guess the bartender told them she had to leave. Not served anymore, and had to stop making the rounds asking guys for drinks. Turns out, it was her 21st birthday, and this was her thing all night when cut off at other places.

Damn, that young girl's body felt good while I had it...

Sep 5, 2016

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  • U hav nothing 2 confes u should tak her someplace else

  • This guy never leaves his mommy's basement. He was on here for a few years constantly going on about sports bars, his "hot older sister" and red-painted nails. The fact that he had to talk about them so often was an indication of a strong but not very wide-spanning fantasy life.

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