Interesting weekend with my wifes little sister

This past weekend my wife and I went to our cabin for the long weekend, Her 8 year younger sister came with us and as I spent the weekend putting stuff away and pulling the dock out of the lake for winter the two of them laid in lawn chairs soaking up the last bit of sun, the weekend was actually quite nice and I got to see my wifes little sister in her bikini for two full days.
My wifes little sister is taller than her and quite well "Put together", Tall, Slim and stacked as they say, She has an impressive set of DD's compared to my wifes C-cups which have fed three kids, Sunday night we all got a bit carried away and ended up pretty drunk, Our kids were at the mother in laws since she had offered to take them since she figured we would be busy all weekend anyway packing up.
We went to bed and in the middle of the night I got up to get a drink and walked to the kitchen, Had my glass of water and as I walked back to our room I looked into the kids room where my sister in law was sleeping and with the hallway light on I could see her ass sticking out of the covers as she slept on her side, She had on a long night shirt which was covering her to half way between her ass and knees but showed the shape of her round ass perfectly and I decided to see if I could peek under it, I stepped into the room, leaned over and could see just a little bit of her beautiful, Pink p**** lips from behind.
She was laying there snoring like a trucker and I gently lifted her night shirt and peeked up it, I got a little peek and she rolled halfway onto her stomach with her right knee pulled up, I stood there froze thinking she might wake but she never even stopped snoring, Her nightshirt was pulled up a bit and I could see some of her p****, I couldn't help myself and reached down gently pulling it up and completely exposing her ass.
I stopped and stared, Right there in front of me was the most beautiful, amazing, sexy, firm, smooth, body I have seen in a LONG time, I stood and stared at her, I had full view of her p****, She obviously shaves it completely and her a****** is beautiful, Pink and hair free, I fished my c*** out of my underwear and grabbed a towel off the floor, I gently laid the towel behind her bum and stood there stroking my c*** as I looked at her beautiful p**** and ass, I came on the towel and softly knelt on the bed behind her, I wiped the last of my c** on her p**** lips and she didn't move, I rubbed my k*** against her soft p**** for a few seconds then squeezed out the last few drops and wiped them on her a******.
I went to bed and in the morning I woke up with a huge h******, I could hear the shower running and my wife was still asleep so I whipped off my underwear and kicked the covers back exposing myself, I waited till the sower turned off and laid so I could peek out of one eye as she walked past the door, She stopped, Looked in and stared for a second, She looked around as if concerned someone else might be there, She took one step into the room and leaned over looking at my c***, she bit her bottom lip and looked SOOOOO sexy standing there with her hair dripping wet, Wrapped in just a towel as she looked at my c***, She stood there for about a minute and then walked away, She went to her room and I heard her close the door, I laid there for a few minutes and then snuck up to her door, I could hear heavy breathing and quickly snuck outside, I snuck up to her window and peeked in, the window was open a couple inches and the blinds were down but only part closed and I could see right in, She was flat on her back laying sideways on the bed, Legs spread with her p**** facing the window rubbing her c*** as she shoved one finger in and out of herself, I watched her as her huge, perfect, round t*** jiggled, Her big, pink nipples were hard as rock and as I stood there hoping not to get caught by a neighbor I watched her tense up three times then lift her hips and moan "Oh FUUUUCK yeah", She set her perfect ass down on the bed and flopped her arms out to the sides, I snuck back inside and sat in the kitchen in just my pyjama shorts.
A few minutes later she came out of her room headed for the bathroom, Her face still flushed and red, She looked up and froze, She looked at me and said "What are you doing up", I stuttered a bit and said "Um...I...Um...Uh...there is no insulation in the wall between our rooms", She looked at me and turned even more red and said "Oh god", I stood up making it very obvious I had a huge b**** and she looked down then looked at the ceiling, I told her it was fine and not to be embarrassed but she was mortified that I had listened to her but we talked later and she seems ok.
If she only knew what had really happened and what I actually saw!!!!!!!!

Sep 6, 2016

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  • Ok first of all he said she was 8 years younger than his wife .. he didn't say nothing about her being a little kid .. so for those that call him pedophile, p.o.s please read the story again it's obvious some of you didn't comprehend it correctly ..

  • Snoring like a trucker? Oh, good grief.

  • I didnt even read this bullshit all the way through but I get the gist of it. You sound like a low class pedophile. Thank you for showing the world what disgusting f**** men truly are. Most of you have had fantasies like this one, and most of you HAVE acted on them. That's why the s** offender registry is full of guys like yourself. You pigs will f*** anything with a warm (or cold) hole! Pedophiles, necrophiliacs, guys who are into b*********, you all have some sort of sick fetish. I hope you end up in prison, you stupid, sick piece of s***!

  • Mmmmm. Cold holes.

  • Thank you,someone I agree with!! Well said!!! :)

  • I reported this. Your not supposed to post this s*** here.

  • I'm sick to death of these sort of confessions.It's makes you lose faith in relationships.Why on earth be in a relationship,if your partner is just going to fantasise,about being with a hot relative of yours.What the f***,is wrong with son people!! Be happy with who you're with,instead of sexually fantasising and wanting something else.If that's the case,don't be in a relationship.Be a batchelor or bacheloress for life,that way,you can fantasise about and s**** whomever you fancy.

  • Don't lose faith. There are still decent guys out there who are hopelessly devoted to their mates.

  • Fake AF.

  • Pervert

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