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I didn't know where else to confess this but just found this site so thought I'd give it a try. I went to the beach over the holiday weekend with my girlfriend and her best friend from childhood met us there. I had met her friend on a handful of occasions before but mostly just hear stories about her since she lives so far away even my girlfriend doesn't see her more than once every several years. Just for a bit of a background, my girlfriend and I have been together for almost 6 years now and I really think she is the one. So we had already reserved a hotel room at the beach about a month and a half before this recent trip but only found out about her friend joining us there about 2 weeks beforehand. The hotel was completely booked by the time that her friend decided she was going too so my girlfriend being the kind and helpful person she is, decided to invite her friend to stay with us. There were two beds in the room so I agreed that it would be fine but was slightly disappointed that my girlfriend and I wouldn't be able to freely make love but it was still alright since her friend is always lively and can make things more entertaining. We arrived in the room and got settled in expecting her friend to arrive at any minute but she ended up being extremely late and didn't get in until about 2 AM when my girlfriend was already passed out from 1 too many wine coolers. I let her friend into the room, who by the way showed up only in her 2 piece bathing suit with a sheer wrap around herself which she promptly removed after entering the room exposing her magnificent hips. She has always been more of a free spirit. I tried to rouse my girlfriend but she was sound asleep. I told her friend that when she has wine coolers she could sleep through an earthquake. Now mind you, I was also a little tipsy myself from drinking several beers over the course of the evening so her friend also immediately wanted to drink to "catch up" with us as she put it. She downed 3 of my beers in under an hour while we made small talk and then she produced a flask from her purse which we passed back and forth although she was really hitting it hard. Then she excuses herself to use the little girls room and isn't in there more than 1 minute when I hear the bath water running. She then comes back out of the bathroom stark naked with the bath water still running and asks if it is alright if she takes a bath because she feels dirty from her traveling. I just kind of stare with my jaw dropped and probably drooling (she does have an amazing body with curves in all the right places) and just silently nod as I admire her gorgeous body. Then she goes right back into the bathroom and shuts the door and I can hear the gentle splashing of water as she gets into the tub. But I got so turned on by her naked body and I am so hard from just seeing her that I try to shake my girlfriend awake but she just pulls the covers up to chin and doesn't even open her eye. I undress and climb under the covers and ride her so hard and rough in her barely waking groggy state and before she even realizes what's going on I am shooting my load on her stomach. I never told her about her friend being naked but in a way feel ashamed of taking advantage of my girlfriend just to relieve the pressure caused by the sight of her best friend since childhood standing nude. I'm sound asleep by the time her friend finishes her bath and I don't even know if my girlfriend knows that I f***** her in her sleep. I tried to wipe up my c** off her stomach with the blankets before I passed out. I don't know if this is something I should ever bring up or just let sleeping dogs lie.

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  • I think you've done good...first of all her friend walked in naked. Most guys would have tried to pull something off with her yet you stepped into the bed where your own girlfriend was sleeping. Ofcourse you got turned on, every men would. But you didn't cheat that is what makes you stand out. Yet I do think you should tell her, cause I don't think it's appropriate behaviour of her friend and she could get you into trouble if this happens more often. Good luck

  • Thanks! I wasn't expecting to get such good advice here after I read some other comments. I still haven't brought this up with my girlfriend since it happened. Not only will it be hard to tell her that it was her friend that got me so worked up (I was a bit buzzed to be fair) but I also don't want to cause a rift in the friendship of my girlfriend and her best friend. That would be the worst part about it is making my girlfriend lose her friend over this. Her friend might have been trying to come onto me but I could never cheat on my girl. She's the best!! and I never want to hurt her. Think I'll just keep this quiet...

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