Scotland holiday park two

This is the second part of our Scotland holiday. After Jen (my wife of 12 years) had met Keith and his two mates which ended up with her having s** with all three and them asking could we meet again the following night with her actually agreeing as long as it was okay with me but obviously I said yes because this was another side of Jen I didn't realise she ready and willing although she has always done the flashing and also had a couple of threesomes with my mates these were perfect strangers except for Keith who owned the caravan who we'd only met a couple of days ago. Anyway Jenn agreed to go along with anything they said with her telling me that I wasn't to interfere at all needless to say the journey back to the caravan I was asking her did she realise we don't know who they are but she just said that made it more sexy. So during the following day after travelling to Inverness to buy her some new sexy undies and dress which she wouldn't even let me see we went back to the caravan after stopping and some sightseeing but both of us were more fired up wondering what the evening would be like. She looked stunning in her new dress which was black coming just above the knee and wraparound style but wouldn't show me her new undies she just said I would see them later no doubt. The drive up to Keith's seemed even longer than the night before and definitely remote but Jen although nervous was definitely h**** and repeated again for me not to interfere. When we got to Keith's place there were three cars parked outside and Keith was waiting at the door, at this point Jen nearly backed out and said just as he came to the car she was on tenterhooks not knowing what's going to happen but it's too late now giving me a kiss as he welcomed us saying another mate has come along and is she ready for meeting proper Scottish men and I can still remember her reply now because she said "she hadn't come all that way for nothing" the general feeling was electric. Right from the start they were very domineering making sure she was still game and for me to enjoy watching with the command making her serve them with drinks BUT first do a striptease because they wanted to see and feel what they were going to enjoy Jen started to unfasten her belt on her dress but then walked over to one of the guys inviting him to actually help her off with it WOW now she was standing in her new undies which were white suspender belt black stockings see-through white bra and matching hipster knickers she was told just to take her bra and knickers off and serve the drinks and unzip them all and give each of their D**** a kiss while she was doing this they were taking it in turns feeling her all over mocking her" wobbly bits" commenting she looked even better than last night but also now ordering her to bend over because her a*** looks like it wants a good spanking first of all getting her to get down on all fours and then taking it in turns slapping with their bare hands and although she was clearly in pain she started actually shaking with the first o***** because at the same time they were very roughly groping and fingering her even her actual bottom they were telling me she was wet through with love juice also telling me they were going to fill every hole including her a*** all I could do was sit and watch because although she is my wife I was rock hard and playing with myself watching. They took it in turns f****** in each hole even coming out of her bottom feeding their c**** straight in her mouth deliberately asking her what it felt like tasting her own a*** and c*** (not that she could reply because of the time she had her mouth filled) she was having multiple o****** which the guys purposely stopped while she was orgasming each time telling me what a hot b**** I have for a wife then again purposely showing her and me their rock hard D**** wet with her juices they were going to finish her properly because while she was kneeling on all fours they got her to straddle over one then another got behind her finishing off with one of them giving him a full b******* with the other guy wanking all over her head (they must of planned this from the start) and again they had only pushed their trousers down with the only one naked was Jen but after he had showered with them watching she was still made to stay naked until it was time to go needless to say we were again asked to come back before we went home which Jen agreed to but not till the end of the week because she was to sore but during the next few days she gave me great hand jobs with lots of things to talk about obviously about her wanting to Dominated and controlled totally and I realised I get a great kick out of watching. This confession is completely true and this has started a new part in our marriage although we are just in our 30s with Jen quite plump

Sep 8, 2016

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  • Another great story Jennifer, us chubby stags are a great fun. Jane xx

  • Did she take all 3 d**** at same time?

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