My BBC Challenge

Few months ago i confessed about cheating on my bf with a group black men i met online years ago, and how i had been meeting up with them and more of them for group s**, well my last confession i had said how my bf proposed to me and that i was going to stop it...after one more big event! well that has happened now, i made my cover story and i traveled up london for two nights, and from the previous surgestions on what to wear and do i will now tell all,
soi left my place and caught the train to london, i wore a trench coat so to be abit discriet, but under i worn a new strapless black buttermilk leather dress just above my knees, killer black platform thigh high studded leather boots both almost skin tight, witha fishnet diamond body suit under, complete with pair leather gloves, slutty but very eligent too, i had my hair dyed jet black straightened just bellow my shoulders, my big hoop earings in, false eye lashes on, smokey mascer and my black framed glasses on, i arrived off the train to meet my origanal guy on the wnd platform and he commented in my outfit, we got picked up by one his friends in a blacked out bmw and i got in the back with him as he felt me up and i had his fat black c*** in my mouth pretty quick, he had booked the hotel for me and after he f***** my mouth and swallowing his c** we arrived somewhere at this dead posh hotel, he led me in and we met two his friends at the enterance, i removed my coat and enjoyed the eyes all over me, they had all chipped in as this place was obviously very expensive, we took the lift up and hands were all over me, we walked into this massive room which had a living area, filled with settees tablea chairs and bed all in one massive room, inside was all of the men waiting! all 14 off them! i was expecting 10 at the most, i was asked was i up for the challenge over the next 48 hours and i was,
i stood in the centre of them all and iwas asked what i wanted, i had a sudden rush of confidence and spoke very loud and said" my name is ______ and i want to get f***** by all of you here, i want you all to c** inside my p****, all to c** inside my ass, all to c** on my face and body and the rest i want to swallow, so come getme boys" and with that they did,
hands kisses c**** covered my body, i barely had time to sigh out before i was on my knees with c**** taking turns in my mouth! the top my dress pulled down, a c*** f****** my t***, the bottom of my dress up and a c*** ripping its way through my body stocking entering my p****, swapping and swapping as i got spitroasted, next i was riding a black d*** with another rammed up my a***, all these men used me, abused me, dped me, threw me around, i came two times before even the first guy spunked, the 2nd time i actaully squirted alot, after that i finally took off my dress and the guys ran a c** train on me, bent over the leather settee and one by one they f***** me and all came in my a***, by the end c** was pouring out of me down my legs onto a posh tray they had on the floor with a glass bowl collecting all the c**, needless to say after they scooped it up into a cup for me and i shotted it, after a break and quite a few smokes out on the balcony i soon had another black d*** in, while standing on the balcony and the f****** began again, taking turns f****** me from behing we evently went back intot the room for more f******, that time went of for hours, c** everywere, sweat c****, my body suit ripped to shreads and my juices it was amazing! i came three more times and once againi took a train of guys, all 14 c****** deep inside my p****, my legs opened wide boots high up in the air as i took load after load of thick sticky c** deep in my dirty white c***! everytime the guy f****** me came close i told him to breed me n*****! as the numbers got higher towards the final few the first ones wanked their c**** in my face and covered my face in their c** too, i counted 6 loads on my face by the time the 14th guy had c** in my p****, that was the first night! the 2nd was pretty much the same but a little more hardcore, rougher
the 2nd night i wore my latex stockings corset and heels and they went to town on me, i screamed the place down as they once again all filled my p****, abso covered my face and t*** in s*** loads c** 5 came in my throat! i was slapped, spat at! dped! took two black d**** in my p****! both cuming inside me at same time(roughly) two fat black d**** in my a***, gargled 7 loads black c**, all came in my mouth and swallowed s*** loads more, i was a nasty white w**** s**** and i loved it! even liked waste c** off the leather settee!

although i am going to get married, i cant promice that i will never want to do that again! i just got to find the strenght not to

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  • Don't get married. He is probably looking for someone who can be faithful and I can truly say you aren't there and probably won't be for a long time. Really, he deserves better and you deserve to find someone that you don't want to cheat on someday in the future.

  • You had any cravings for more bbc since then x

  • Some but not many, i think iv had my fill! was an amazing time! if i ever do it again it wont be for ages

  • S****

  • Love to watch you get f***** by all these bbc and be the h**** dirty b**** you are they p*** all over you after they'd finished with you (water sports)

  • No they didnt, and im not sure on that idea

  • Wow I would like that to happen to but also I have s** with Shadow my husband's mates Rottweiler but my husband doesn't know this but believe me he is now my master

  • I would love to hear your stories. I want to hear about your first time with a dog

  • Once again ew

  • I'd love to watch all that happen to you then let a dog f*** you and watch as it slipped it's knot inside your stretched p**** and inflate to seal you up before letting so much c** fill you up

  • No dog, eww

  • Well its more common than one would think.

  • Looks like we have some animal lovers in here. Anyone else do it?

  • Finally. I've been riding to hear from you.
    That sounds like an absolute epic f*** fest of a weekend and I'm happy to hear that you managed to c**** in both your holes.
    If you were my wife I would be happy to go with you and watch everything happen to you. The nastier the better.
    You will do it again and soon. I will be waiting to read more from you sweetheart X

  • Oh that was the nastyiest it has ever got, real intence and im still sore now! even now my legs feel weak and im pretty sure i still have some black guy s**** still in me

  • Well, I hope it works out however I do not think it will. You are too much into it. You are easy and loose. I feel sorry for your husband who has to endure this.

  • Hardly easy, apart from all them i have never cheated, i dont plan to

  • The h*** is wrong with u

  • What u mean?

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