21years married page 2

So my wife wont let me jump her and she looks really bored with me .So now
next week her boss introduces her to a greek guy and says come to the next swinger f*** party cause my wife will be there she has joined the club now . So she ask me t o drop her off and pick her up at 2 am ,So she comes out of the party with hair messed up and dried c** stains on both sides of her hair ..And she announces to me god you should of seen the size of that greek guys c*** just about split me in 2 when he f***** me and the condoms where too small so he went bare back and hope i dont mind ..Too bad if i do i guess ,any way she starts spending less time at home and she goes to motels in the weekends and the boss and her boyfriend and the greek have organised for me to go to a strip club ,cause i love to perv at the nice women some look as good as my wife and the boss says hey gotta go upstairs ,So i do and there he has 2 x25 year old babes ready to go at it so we go in the room for 2 hours and take turns f****** the a*** off them both .
So good and return home to find c** stains on the waterbed sheets and my gaylene
says how my stay away go and i said motel was ok ,casino was fun but i had forgotten what it was like to touuch younger chicks skin and it was so good we f***** them on and off for couple hours me and her married bossrned on look and said now youve done it they dared me into doing a g*******,now youve made me do that she smiled
and licked her lips .so the big day arrives she is so turned on shes bubbling about the place and tells me to take a bath so ,im in the bath and she walks in and i have a massive h****** my 6 i/2 inches of proudness and i get out she strips off jumps in
she been there for a while so i sneak in and her beautiful full lushes t*** are above the water with the nipples full erection and she is smashing a shampoo bottle up her self with her eyes closed ..so i really soak up and feast on her nipples anyway she gets out and walks into the waterbed she has no hangups and is used to what men want now as she dries her self off and lays down on the waterbed she puts her hands both back up to the headboard and i just put my c*** straight in her without her even noticing she already is wet as and no friction as i pump her and her huge perfect t*** keep bouncing up and down ...i will never forget it was the f*** of my life ,i loved it till i looked in her eyes and saw the deceit and she got dressed in front ofme posing and showing off every perfect curve ,Then she put her seethru bra under her t*** put the shortest dress i had ever seen no undies and her a*** cheeks were hanging out and we went to the party and the room was quite full of mostly men and the first man took her dress off at the doorway and took her from me as he danced and brushed his hands across her nipples i new i had lost her and as they were dancing pst hers and my eyes locked together and i winked at her and nodded and thats the last i remember some arsehole has spiked my drink ,but a woke up many hours later with my wife bending over and waking me up with a couple slaps whereupon i saw ever bit of semene through her hair and still on her face and her dress had s**** wet patches where she had put it on again .
She looked embarrassed ,She thought i would throw a hissey fit but i said nothing except i would love to watch next time ,But now she was a c** addict and she was the b****** girl and she said that she had been offered an early start everyday working at milking ..hmmm guys c**** was all i got ...anyway she moved out and i see she has mattresses on her floors for the group friday night f**** and last time i saw her her love baby was about 8 months in her belly,because she never went on protection and the guys were all taking turns bare back and they tell her to be outside naked by the fence so one of them might feel like a f*** and just open her gated yard and f*** her and visted 6 months back and she thought it was one of the married guy s and took 5 mins too get ready and answer the door with nipple chains and no undies and t*** out and tried to cover up but of course you cant so she showed me how they parade her outside for anyone to see and pull the chain as she follows and makes her nipples have a great workout before they f*** her and she said i better go she was expecting 2 to 3 guys
So ...still love her and i have seen the odd tear drip from her eye ,but s** is something i couldnt give her rough and kinky and she was too hard to manage now and she left so she didnt hurt me ....but really she absolutely f***** me up with s** now ,i think of her and how guys couldnt get enough of her ....so thats my true story sad...the end

Sep 1, 2016

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