I'm an exhibitionist who loves showing off my body on the net, ever since I posted a photo of myself nude on a amateur photo sharing site, I haven't been able to stop. I know that I probably shouldn't be doing it but I love knowing that guys all over the world are going to see my photos. I also enjoy reading all the comments i get, it's extremely exciting. I think I might need to get help lol. I just hope that my family and friends don't see the pics i have been sharing on the net ??

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  • I really do appreciate that you guys took a few min to let me know what you think of my photos. Even those who put me down about my body being so slim or me being old are welcome too. In the end im only sharing my pics because I get enjoyment from it personally and not for any other reason. It excites me !!

  • I will be honest, I went to the link you left and I put all 5 photos on my PC monitor. Now I am not a perv or anything, but I did 'use' you and you did get me off. The picture of you in the white bathing suit...OMG...your eyes are beautiful. Thank you.

  • Let us know where we can see u

  • You can find them at : http://nudeweb.com/julie_spiteri

  • Yuck! You look anorexic. So disgusting! I can usually get hard at most any nude girls but there is no bigger turn off than an old skinny lady. Jesus christ! I can't unsee that disgraceful waste of flesh! Please put some clothes on and eat some cheeseburgers you nasty slutttt!

  • What a nasty piece of work you are w*****

  • This person is a******. Your beautiful.

  • Your either a very ugly guy, or an over weight short pimply faced chick and totally ashamed of the way you look when you see yourself in the mirror. Deep down inside you wish you looked like me and very comfortable being photographed nude and showing people your photos 😅

  • Thanks for your comment, i guess i can't please everyone 😊

  • How about you post some pics for us to look at and we'll compare them to hers and see who looks better naked.

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