No perfect answer I have for any questions raised.
I feel I corner you with my various shades of my thoughts.
I don't want to make you feel barricaded my ink needs to flow less

Sep 16, 2016

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  • Your love make me crazy and lazy too.The unedited version makes me blush feeling how much craziness you inject that everything goes topsy turvy and after i see them I don't know where to hide myself..but I know you will understand;)

  • I love hearing you and feeling you but I feel as if I'm drowning in thoughts. Over thinking has killed my spontaneity and raw energy. I feel so emotional inside... and there is nothing concrete to hold on to in this tumultuous sea. Sometimes the words sting. The rest is persona. My door remains open. My love burns strong... But I'm letting go. It's an uncontrollable situation. I don't have the perfect answers either.

  • I beckon every hue of your thoughts.
    I want your ink to fill every corner of my mind.
    Any answer is perfect.

  • I have only one answer to give ...I only know how to love from my heart nothing more and nothing less just love ...now I don't know if that will be perfect or not..love only n always

  • My ink only flows for your heart

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