I got beaten up by a girl

Or I guess girls. They were the popular girls, as much as I hate them I have to admit they are the hottest girls I've ever seen. I was 13 and they were 16. So I was 5,5 and quite skinny and there were 4 of them, around 5,5 and 5,7 and 5,11 and 6ft. They hated my sister who was their age, and whenever they'd see me they would push me into a bush or a wall and say "you're sister is a b****". The day they beat me up it was late at night and i was walking around a park when all of them came walking past and it was obvious they were really really drunk. One of them came over to me and kicked me straight in the b****. I fell to the ground and they all laughed. One of them picked me up and held me back and another smacked me in the face and hit me in the stomach. The air wheezed out of my lungs. They let me go and the 6ft one said "fight me you p****" I didn't want to hit a girl but it was too late when she hit me in the face with so much power it send me flying to the floor. She laid on top of me and punched me in the face while the others kicked my sides, stomach and d***. One of them grabbed my d*** and squeezed it and I screamed real loud. The girl got off of me and she kicked me in the face 3 times. They then dragged me and threw me into a pond and ran off. I got up fine, they had broken my nose and given me two black eyes. Fortunately I always could handle pain well. One day when I was 17 and in my own car I seen them all standing in one place, in expensive looking dressed, I'm talking £2000 I think they were at a wedding. There was a puddle next to them so I drove over it and flooded them. Sweet revenge

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  • Did this really happen? Your injuries after an ass whipping like that would have required hospital time. You should have reported the beating to the police assuming it really happened.

  • It's interesting that there are 3 posts today that all involve a 13 year old who gets into fights. Sounds like a troll.

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