I beat up a girl

A girl was squaring up to me. She said my mum was a w**** and I said that's cheap coming from a girl who dresses like a s***. She smacked me in the face and hit me in the stomach saying "do something". I was 13 she was 18. Getting hit in the face and stomach once or twice for me wasn't a big deal, I just took the pain and tried to resist. She kicked me in the d*** and her friends surrounded me and kicked the s*** out of me. My friends and people from my school came round and watched and laughed. For the next two weeks I was bullied non stop for being beaten up by a girl. The next time loads of people came round my house looking for me, when I came out a group of like 20 grabbed me and took me to some alleyway secluded from the public. There must have been 100 people with their phones out recording. I seen her standing there waiting for me and a crowd circled around. I was told she arranged to fight me again. I didn't want to but they pushed me out to her and she kicked me in the stomach. She knocked me down with a punch to the mouth and jut left me really dizzy. She went on top of me on the floor and started hitting me in the face really hard. Everyone was cheering and she broke my nose. I was in so much pain I actually tried to stop breathing to knock myself out. But then I thought this is going to go viral and everyone's gonna bully me for so long. She had been hitting my face for about 2 minutes and it looked as if I was knocked out. The floor was drenched in the blood that was boring from my nose and a cut on my face. I became really angry, and I stood up off the floor holding her up with me and slammed her against it. Everyone went silent. All you could hear was her groaning in pain. She slowly got up, and when she did I punched her in the nose harder than I've punched anything in my life. Knocked her out in one punch and left the place silent. It was brutal and I've promised never to hit a girl ever again even if they are beating me up and humiliating me.

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  • No, you cuck! F*** that IDIOTIC FEMINIST bullshit of "hurr durr, never hit a girl no matter what." If a dumb b**** hits you and starts attacking you, BEAT THAT B**** TO THE CURB! She deserves it, and needs to learn her place.

    Always beat on trifling b!tches. Always. Only an unmanly white knight beta CUCK will follow this mangina bullshit of "I will be a doormat to worthless women and let them beat me up without defending myself".

    F*** them. Beat the s*** out of b****** like that. Make them scream in pain. They deserve it.

  • And further, you should have kicked her repeatedly while she was down. I would've stomped her guts out.

  • How did she look? Was she hot? Or at least pretty? You missed a golden opportunity to beat a girl exclusively in the stomach and get away with it. I would have upper cut left right punched her up her stomach and tummy until all the breath was out of her or until she puked and couldn't stand up anymore. Then I would have shot my load all over her hot, doubled up, stomach holding, writhing, gasping form.

  • That girl was right ur mother was a w****

  • Hey guys please stop arguing, I know everyone's saying that if a girl hits a guy he can hit her back so what I did was fine, but I don't think so because men on average are stronger than women, and I wasn't a real man that day, some of the guys in these comments are right, a real man would stand there and take the beating cause hitting a girl is a disgrace, and I agree now and that's why I wouldn't hit a girl ever again, cause I hit her once and knocked her out, she hit me like 50 times and didn't knock me out so its just unfair, despite what she did was "bullying" what I did was terrible and that's why I confessed it. But thanks to everyone who was supporting me through this, it was great to know people, even girls forgave me for what I did

  • I'm a woman and even I think, you did the right thing.How dare that girl take advantage of the fact, that you're a boy and younger than her.I believe in equality and If a female squares upto a male, then hits him, thinking he won't hit her back, because she's a female, that's just messed up!!! If someone hits you, you hit them back, regardless of their gender!! An eye for an eye!!
    If I hit a man, of which I wouldn't, depending on the circumstances, If he hit me back, I wouldn't go crying to the police and/or friends/family, claiming domestic violence.Accept the consequences!!! Mind you though, I'm a Mixed Martial Artist so I can handle myself, if I got into any altercation, regardless of gender.But my point is, if you get hit, you hit back!! Simple as!!

  • .........sometimes...................a b**** just need a beating......

  • I can't believe all of you people that think it's somehow acceptable to hit a girl. I should have known better considering you're all sexist men who also come here to gloat about f****** your sister/cousin/mom/dog/sister-in-law, etc. but I still thought that maybe at least one of you would draw the line at punching a girl in the face. I don't care about gender. If you know it's a losing battle, whether you are guy fighting a guy or a guy fighting a girl, why not surrender when you know that you cannot defeat your opponent. This whiny baby and sorry excuse for a man, who said that he could not defend himself against a girl because she was bigger than him yet had no problem knocking her out with a punch to the face, is a total misogynist and I can see why a girl felt the need to attack him in the first place.

  • Sexist yet again, equailty for you is obviously a one way door! if its not acceptable to hit a girl in self defence? then why fight for equality on the right to vote? or the right for equial pay? you dont want equailty! you what superiaity! that is just as bad and sexist!

  • A bully is a bully regardless of gender

  • You did the right thing. I'm all for gender equality

  • You are a disgrace to all men! If she was really beating on you, why not just grab her wrists or restrain her? If she really is bigger and stronger than you, then there is nothing to be ashamed of and you should simply walk away and accept defeat. If any of your story is true, you said 100 people were recording it with their phones so you automatically have proof to press charges for assault. I'm sorry, but as a man I can say that there is no circumstance in which punching a girl in the face is acceptable. You have committed a major disservice to the male gender. You should be castrated.

  • Shut the f*** up you sexist pig! i wonder? what would ur comment be if it was a guy hitting him? reguardless of your gender you!!!! (not the origanal guy) are too far the other way and sexist! at the same level as racist and extremist's! the door swings both ways for equaility! shitface!

  • How could I restrain her when she was stronger than me and punching me in the face? And their wasn't any getting up and walking away in defeat, cause the crowd definetly would have no let me out, and she would probably have kept beating me up till the sun rose. I can't press any charges, I hit her as well so we would both be in the wrong.

  • Ignore that comment, sexist t***! you stood up for yourself from a person who bullied you! that is the important thing! not her f****** gender

  • You did what you had to do.

  • Sounds like she needed to get hit. You don't have to stand there and take this from anyone even if the assailant is female. If a female fights like a man she gets hit like a man.

  • Report her next time - but I'm glad you set her straight

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