Caught wanting by my cool Aunt

I'm 25 and always had a good relationship with my aunt (dad's sister). She is 42, divorced, no kids and always been super cool with me. Lately I've been attracted to her and jerked off about her. When I go round I usually go through her laundry basket and check out her panties.

Yesterday I forgot to lock the bathroom door and she walks in to find me c*** in one hand, several of her panties on my my other hand and I'm furiously beating off. Shocked she doesn't say a thing. I drop her panties, try to pull up my boxers and apologise repeatedly. She just says "no it's ok, do what you gotta do" and walks off closing the door.

Confused, I started jerking again quickly to get it over with. As I'm taking a huge sniff f her panties, she opens the door again. And asks "just one thing..." Seeing her, panties to my nose, I lost control and shot my load there and then and let out a massive groan. She quickly apologised and left again.

After cleaning up, I quickly left. She messaged me today saying we should probably chat. I'm not sure what I should tell her. She is really cool, and more like a friend/cousin but my god she turns me on! Should I tell her that? Or should I pretend it's a one-off?

Sep 19, 2016

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  • My step daughter caught me too, now she leaves her panties around for me also

  • How old is she? How dirty are they?

  • So I went round after work a few days later, like I normally do, but it was strange, awkward, not a lot of talking. And then I needed to pee. I got up, headed to the bathroom feeling anxious and embarrassed as I knew she would be wondering what I get up to. I opened the door and found several panties on top of the laundry basket! All heavily marked with p**** juices I assume. I didn't hesitate to start sniffing or tasting, my d*** was out and I was wanking away then I realised I hadn't closed the door. I turn around and there my aunt is, watching me! I froze! F***! Not sure if it was a trap, I didn't know what to do next.

    She looked down at my d*** and said "meh, I've had bigger". Wtf?! Then she shuffled her underwear under skirt and threw it me and said "enjoy you freak" with a wink. "Dinner will ready in half an hour". So I wanked off twice and then had dinner. I've no idea if she put some more panties on or not but we were normal again. So all in all in a weird evening.

    When I got home I found a thong in my jacket pocket with a note saying "I want this back, Aunt Jilly x". Amazing!!!

  • Any update?

  • Tell her the truth just be honest with her after all she already caught you sniffing her panties and jerking on it. maybe she is turn on everytime she recall what you've done

  • Just be honest.

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