One afternoon my sister came into my room they are both 8 years old and I was playing my game when they came in and started giggling so I asked what was so funny and my sister said that I had a big c*** I just said yeah I do anyway I ended up her f****** her while she was asleep that night which she doesn't know she is a deep sleeper and the next morning I asked her why she said what she said and she tried to deny it so I set up a camera in the bathroom when I was having a shower and my sister came in and stripped naked and literally grabbed my d*** and said can I put it in my mouth so I said yes anyway after I got out of the shower I f***** her in her room night came and I asked her if she wanted to do it again she said do what we didn't do anything this is when I showed her the video and I said to her from now on whenever I want your p**** your gonna give it to me. 8 years later and I am still f****** her but she just enjoys it now I give her pleasure she has o****** and she f**** me I just enjoy it and so does she now I have moved onto my other sister that just turned 8 time to let the fun begin.



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  • Ur a w*****

  • An interesting fantasy...

  • Wish I had a brother like you

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