Why not.

I see posts on here all the time aboutt how people have raped or molested someone and It's starting really starting to bother me. Not for the reasons you think either. I tried to rape my cousin not too long ago. It was the wrong thing to do, according to everyone breathing down my neck. It just doesn't make sense to me. I'm being puinshed for something she wanted. I promise everyone, I f****** promise this dirty b**** asked me too. She f****** wanted to her exact f****** words were I want to be raped and I don't care who it is. She is younger and it's not incest I'm f****** adopted. What the f*** is wrong with this then? Since we were little we played with eachother. We played doctor, husband and with, bad cop and good cop. Yet when she wants to be raped and I try to rape her my uncle comes in. She never told me to stop, she never told me don't or not you. She said yea, please, I'm excited and tie me down. I f****** tied this b**** to the bed she moaning already. I told her she had to be quite because I don't know when her parents are coming home, this had to be quick. She nodded smiled and told me to put it inside her. We have had s** twice, once when she was 14 on her birthday and once before that. The first time she asked and the secound I suprised her in her bedroom, naked with p***. Yet this b****, when her dad came home found us naked and his daughter strapped on the bed she cries he trying to rape me! And starts balling her eyes out. My uncle came up behind me started beating the s*** out of me, knocking me uncounsious and the proceeded to whip me with a belt. 24 marks. Does he he get into any trouble at all? No. Do I get charged with sexual assualt, braking and entering, battery and illagal possesion? Yes. Yes I f****** do. Did I spend months in juvinal hall? Raped by some Mexican pervert? And punished so servearly when I got home I couldn't even use my own feet to walk. Of course. Becuase guys are always the bad guys. Because I will always be punished for breathing. Im a sexual felon. I am delenquit that can't spell. Can't get grades can't have a family, girlfrieds or friends. I'm a creep that tried to f*** his cousin. Ive lost everything. I'd rape her for real if I didn't know what it felt like. I'd do it if I didn't turn 18 in a year. I'd kill myself, there's nothing stopping me. Maye when Brain (my adoptive s*** for a father) will do it for me. He's come close to killing he pathdic sick f*** of a parasite that's sucking the life out of him. My mother? Won't look at me in the eyes. It's funny how water really is thicker than blood. It's funny how they can love there pure blood sons when they raped the s*** out of me and my sister. Because were not part of this family. Then again who would want to be. My sister isn't anymore. I'm her only tie, she has her own life now. Her wife, he kids, her own f****** family. I'm still stuck here. Why was I given this life? What did I do, and f*** all you commenters that are about to give me s***. If I could I'd make it so there weren't aloud any f****** comments. You can't say anything unless your standing in my shoes.

Dec 13, 2010

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  • The only confession on this site that isn't fiction

  • Oh honey if you are being honest that is awful. there has to be someone that you can tell this to. someone will listen to you. do you have anyone to talk to? what about your sister?

  • What happened to you was wrong. What you did was wrong, no matter how you or anyone else tries to justify it. But still, you have been put in a horrible situation where everyone is turning on you, and you are scarred for life. I am truly sorry, even though I don't know you. If I were you I would be angry at everyone. What does your sister think? Is she on your side? Try to get some help from someone who will believe you.

  • You, I know how this story will end. With every ending there is a new dawn. You say you don't want commenters child. Yet here your words lay, posted, you brat. I belive your story. The rape, all of them. How they happends however is very diffrent. When you turn 18, you will run. You will run far because you feel so hurt. Yes they beat the s*** out if you. Did you deserve it? It's questionable. I belive you deserved to be punished either way, as for your brothers, certainly yes. I think you can be a danger to this world, but also a gift. Tread lightly and try to do your best. Make a man out of yourself son. I belive in you.

  • That's so sad. Your adoptive parents probably have no idea how to handle the situation. They, of course, don't believe either of you. Can you go live with your sister? You need to somehow turn this situation around for yourself and try to live the best life you can. You're young..this doesn't have to be something that defines you for the rest of your life.

  • If this is true What you tell I truely feel really sad for you =( , i'm almost crieng here

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