I saw a kid break a window at my school and I didn't report him

I'll try to keep this confession short as many things happened. This guy who was one of a gang of losers and troublemakers smashed a window of my school and I saw it and told no one.

Someone else did see it though and reported the window breaking to the Principal. The informer also told the principal that I was there.

The guy who broke the window was punished with expulsion for a few days and his parents had to replace the window.

I was questioned by the teachers, coaches and the principal himself as to why I myself had not said anything to them even though I witnessed the vandalism

I replied without hesitation. I was afraid of the guy who broke the window and his gang of toughs who would have literally beaten the s*** out of me had I said anything. I made no apologies and I told them that if something like that happened again I wouldn't tell then either.

The teachers and principal were angry but they saw my point. They would be unable to protect me against the gang especially when I was off campus. The toughs knew where I lived and it would have been no problem finding me if they wanted to retaliate against me.

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