The examination ( part 1of 2 parts part 2 comming soon )

When i was back in middle school we all hung out in front of the local candy store. and during horse play i was pushed and broke the stores front picture window, the owner came out and said i need to give him $1200 to replace the broken window or he will have me arrested. being on probation for something else i don;t know what to do to get the money. a few days later a girl from school came up to me and said she heard of my problum and said she can help. her click of friends meet every few weeks and this time i'm responcable for the entertainment. well being a good looking looking guy i want you to model for us and if you agree to two sesons i will pay the store owner. a few of the girls never saw and touched a completly naked boy except for the little brothers there will be two sesions . you need to let me know in a few days.

Dec 13, 2017

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  • It's highly amusing that you seem to think of yourself as a writer. You can't spell, you apparently think grammar is a kind of cracker and I don't care about your lame story. You are, however, excellent at self-promotion.

    Hey, I just described Gen Z!

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