Nebraska flash

The next door neighbor is a single guy who is 40 something years old. I have shades on my bedroom window because he is always looking this way. Normally I just ignore him but last week I was feeling a little devilish. I was about to yell out the window and ask him what he was staring at when I got the idea. I pulled up my shirt and flashed him my t***.

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  • OMG, lol. This reminds me of my neighbor when I lived at home with my parents. Everytime I went outside to tan I noticed he would also be outside doing something. So one day I was home alone and I decided to go lay out. Figuring my neighbor would be out soon afterwards I decided to take my top off and tan topless. Sure enough he came outside. I laid there as he checked me out until I decided to say in a very loud voice, "do you like what you see?"
    He immediately went back inside without saying a word. It didn't stop him from coming outside, but I'm sure he got a thrill that day.

  • Think most guys would love a neighbor like you.

  • I bet he came quickly. You control his head now (or both)

  • Bet u made his day.

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