I'm your mistress. I haven't told you, and I won't tell you, but I'm going to stop taking my birth control pills on October 1, and so by Christmas, I'll be carrying your baby. Once I know for sure I'm pregnant, then I'll tell you that we're beginning a family together, and that I'm going to tell your wife unless you leave her (and those kids). Don't make me force you to leave home. Do it on your own. You know you want it. You know you do.

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  • Hi c***. Close your damn legs, get a life and stop f****** up everyone else's. If you can't do that then kill yourself and rid the world of trash. Thanks.

  • You haven't told him and wouldn't tell him, but you've told us instead.Thank you for that!!! Now stop playing mind fuckery games! He won't thank you for it and ge won't leave his Mrs for you.If he wanted to, he would've done it already.If you go through with your manipulative ways, you'll have no part-time s** and an innocent kid, whose father may not want him. So don't be a foolish woman!!

  • You are such a bore.

  • Why are you begging for trouble and drama and heartache and misery?

  • Dumb loser...

  • If you want a relationship with this guy after the baby is born, you damn well better have a lengthy discussion (or discussions) with him before the conception. You used the word "surprise", but believe me, no man wants that kind of surprise, whether or not he's married. Talk before you f***.

  • He doesn't want you or your illegitimate child. He only wants your t***, and you've been giving it to him for free. Once he finds out you're pregnant, you're done. Finished. Over. Turn out the lights as you leave.

  • You may have his baby but you won't ever get him. There was a point in your relationship with him when it was possible -- only possible, not likely -- that he might have left his wife for the sexier, younger mistress, but when he finds out (or does the math, and figures out) that you got pregnant on purpose and without telling him what's up, he's going to dump your s*** ass. And you'll be SOL. So sorry.

  • When abortion became legalized, a law should have been passed at that time that required the mother to get her s** partner's approval to have a baby, or be left to pay for raising it on her own without his help or financial support. That would put an end to this trick-and-trap bullshit that women do. You should be beaten, and then shot in your arms and legs, and then buried in an ant mound. You're a w****. And a criminal.

  • He's probably had a vasectomy he hasn't told you about and can't even get you pregnant. And if he hasn't don't be so fcking pathetic. This is no way to create a life. And even if he does leave her for you (which he won't) you will eventually end up a single mother. MARK MY WORDS. If he cheated on her he will cheat on you...especially after you get all fat and pregnant, and your c*nt gets all loose from pushing out 8lbs of screaming, pooping, puking baby.

  • B****

  • Whahahaha you are going to end up alone with that b****** kid of yours! He does not want to have more kids and just uses you for s**! Good luck i'll see you coming!

  • No he doesn't you lame asss bitchh

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