I went to a concert a few weeks ago. I like the band, but probably shouldn't. They really cater to young teens, but anyway.
I was at the front of the pit when a girl pushed in and got between me and the barrier. Now i'm actually 35, so to me she was tiny. I guessed she was 13 or 14 and super cute. She still had her school uniform on and she looked amazing in the pleated skirt and white shirt. Anyway i stayed behind her and as the concert went on i got more and more bold rubbing my c*** against her as she jumped up against the barrier.
This went on for about 20 minutes. I was so f****** close i had to go for it. In the crowd and screaming i figured no one would notice.
I undid my zip and freed my c***. I was dripping wet and so f****** hard. I waited till she jumped high up on the barrier again and pushed myself in closer. As she started to come back down, she pushed back into me. I put both hands under her pleated school skirt and held her hips. Still holding her hip, i use my second hand and pulled the back of her panties down.
She tried to struggle, but i was already in place. I held both sides of her hips and pulled her onto my d***. I thrust 4 or 5 times, forcing my c*** b**** deep into her tiny p****. She screamed, so i yelled over her and just jumped behind her. It looked like she was still just jumping up and down and i thrust my c*** hard into her teenage p****.
I only lasted 30 seconds till i unloaded about half a dozen blast of sperm deep into her p****. I just held her tight as i squeezed every last drop of sperm into her. I pulled out and quickly made my way into the crowd.
I made my way around to the other side of the stage and found a girl who was probably only 12 or 13. She had what i think may have been her mother with her. I pushed in behind her and began the same. I waited till i was about to blow, which took a while before i tried.
She wasn't in a school uniform, but had a tight singlet top on showing her nice little budding b****** and she had a super short little skirt, ruffled. I knew i had to be quick so i pushed in, and as she jumped i grabbed her tight. I held her around the waist and tummy with one arm and lifted her skirt with my other hand. I just went right to her panties and pulled them to the side. I pushed her down and thrust hard. I sunk about halfway on the first thrust. On the second i knew i busted her hymen, but i managed to sink in till my head was bottomed out inside her cervix. She was screaming, but i again yelled to cover it.
It was so hot knowing her mother was right next to us as i pumped her cervix full with another 3 or 4 loads of sperm. I felt the pressure in her cervix as i unloaded in her, until i felt it release. I knew i was c****** into her womb.
I finished c****** and pulled out quickly and ran to the back of the hall. I left very quickly and went home.



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  • Ime hard

  • Chill out guys hes probably most likely just trolling to p*** ppl off.

  • BS. Total bs. This is a confessions page not a fantasy land. Idiot.

  • She struggled? Of course she did you raped her you sick f***. You need to be raped in prison see how you like it

  • Your f***** up dude

  • Sick f****** rapist

  • Clever man kep it up dont get caught


  • He played wit the little girls dont mak an issue of it

  • It would be so f***ing hot if she is pregnant!

  • They struggled and screamed you f****** raped them?

  • He didnt rape them just gav them c*** grow up they get plenty anytime why cant a man hav fun

  • Everything a guy does now some do gooder says its rape its just normal fun little girls going around with skirts up 2 their ass r loking 4 c***

  • It doesn't matter if they're wearing inappropriate atire, it's just clothing, not a sign saying "Forcibly shove your genitalia inside of me". It's perverted and outrageous that people even have the mentality to do such an atrocity.

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