My sister in law

i use to work with my sister in law when i was in high school, she was a couple of years older.we always would flirt and touch each other but she said i was to young at the time. long storie short. i married her sister and we hang together a lot, she caught me naked while changing to go swimming. she told me i had a big c*** and left the room. now every chance she gets she'll grab my c*** or she like to wear t-back suites and sit on my lap and get me hard. my wife doesn't seem to care when she sits on my lap or notice what her sister is up to. i'm having a hard time trying to be a good husband. i love my wife but her sister is so f****** hot i want to bang the s*** out of her. help what should i do ?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • F*** her

  • Talk to your wife about it, whenever my wife brings up cheating or whatever I tell her I'd like to go out and pick someone up with her some day. Your wife already knows everything about you two. Remember it's okay to get h****, and you haven't done anything wrong.

  • I have had the hots for my sister in law Sophie and we have flirted for years until one night she opened the door to her house only wearing a black nightie while her family was out...I hugged her immediately and rubbed up against her encouraging my c*** to tease her... There was no talking, we went up to her bedroom and passionately f***** and I went back home
    With my c*** covered in my wife's sisters p**** juices, I just entered my wife from behind just enough to give the excuse why my c*** smelled of p**** and then I had her suck my off...The incestuous feeling of watching my wife taste her own sisters p**** is beyond words...I'm so glad Sophie lives so close to me

  • Yummy, I've had the hots for my wife's sister too, Id love to make sweet love to her all night

  • That's so hot...I wish my brother in law would f*** my brains out too...yum to have my older sister taste my p**** on her husbands bad

  • Hey jerkoff, you want to be a good husband, but you let your sister in law touch your private parts and sit on your lap?

    Doesn't sound like a good husband to me!

    What a d*******!

  • Seduce her, tie her down, blindfold her and
    Let the family dog f*** her!!!
    She'll never bother u again!
    seriously, I know, I've done this.

  • how many chances does she have to GRAB YOUR C***? My GOD... I don't think I've had more than 5 POSSIBLE CHANCES to grab a family members C***. And I NEVER EVER EVER EVER did it, cuz I'm not a stupid w**** who gets off by making my sister's husband wanna f*** me

  • I'm sure your wife knows. She's not f****** blind, is she?

    Decide decide what is more important to you, your wife, your family, and the life you built together or getting to f*** a hot girl once....That's a no brainer if I ever saw one.

    thats the end of this STORIE

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