Racism disguised as love!

Too many times, I've come across black men who hate black women, and the white women who date those black men who are racist against black women, but love black men. The same goes for black women who hate black men and their white partners who are racist against black men. Love is love, if it is TRULY love! But a lot of what I see is pure obsession fetish bs! It's disgustingly sad, especially when children are involved!

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  • Staunch that bleeding little heart. "Children" are involved whether or not crotch crickets are, because people who focus on race or skin color are childish to begin with. Too bad you don't have to pass an IQ test to reproduce (yet), because people like this have no business breeding. They're almost as dumb as people who automatically play the "Won't somebody think of the CHILDREN???" card.

  • Stop focusing on race and the propaganda behind it!! It won't change, anything!! Just live your life and stop focusing on stupid s***!!

  • I am a white woman that has dated black men that don't date black women. That sentence is confusing. But my point is that they don't hate black women, they just find themselves attracted to white women. My gain if you ask me. I will date any race. I am more interested in the person than their skin color. Mind you I do find the contrast between my pale skin and a black man's dark skin very sexy.

  • Maybe the ones you dated did not hate black women, but a lot of them do. In my field of work, I come across so many that it really shocks me. However, it should not have shocked me, given the deeply rooted US history of racism, class-ism, and self-hatred for hundreds of years within the black community.

    Some though have confessed to regretting marrying and only procreating with non-black women so that their children wont come out dark or with black features, etc. In essence, those specific men who realized that they hated themselves and after educating themselves about their history and learning to love the skin they're in, they realized that their marriages / relationships were not based on love at all.

  • I've never witnessed this, in the UK.What a contrast.

  • Yes, I agree, it shouldn't be about skin color. Can you blame them though? Look at the history. We all need to not see color because skin color is only an adaption to the environment, nothing more.

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